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Facebook: Thom Tillis has more ‘likes’ than Kay Hagan

Thom Tillis has more “likes,” but Kay Hagan is mentioned more often in posts and comments, according to data provided by Facebook, the social media giant.

With two days before the important North Carolina U.S. Senate election, Facebook released a series of statistics Sunday morning about supporters of the two main candidates in the race.

Facebook also released several lists that show cultural trends in North Carolina, and how they compare nationally. For example, statistics show North Carolina’s Facebook users are much more likely to “like” religious-themed movies than their counterparts elsewhere in the United States.

While the race between Hagan, the incumbent Democrat, and Republican Tillis is thought to be very tight, the difference in Facebook “likes” is not so close.

Overall “likes” – including Facebook users around the world – favor Tillis by a count of 83,200 to 73,600. And in-state, Tillis has 63 percent of the “likes,” compared with 37 percent for Hagan.

When it comes to mentioning the candidates in posts and comments, however, Hagan has a 55 to 45 percent lead over Tillis. Facebook did not specify whether those posts and comments were positive or negative.

Followers of the candidates have differing policy interests. Facebook said top topics discussed by Hagan supporters were economic equality and mobility, followed by foreign policy and international relations. The top two topics for Tillis backers were foreign policy and international relations, followed by government ethics.

Facebook also examined how supporters of the two candidates differed in regard to their favorite restaurants and shopping tastes.

The top restaurant “liked” by Hagan supporters was Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville. That compares to Darryl’s restaurant in Greensboro for Tillis supporters.

In the category of local shops, the favorite for Tillis supporters was the Great Outdoor Provision Co. in Raleigh, followed by Concord Mills. Hagan supporters favored the African American Art Shop in Greensboro, followed by Mid Century Salvage in Charlotte.

Facebook’s study also showed North Carolina’s tastes in pop culture. Favorites among Tar Heel users of Facebook were “God’s Not Dead” (movie), Tyrese Gibson (actor/musician) and “The Walking Dead” (TV show).

Favorites in the “disproportionate like” category – measuring North Carolina favorites that are not liked by Facebook users elsewhere in the country – were “God’s Not Dead” (movie), Kandi Burruss (musician) and Steve Harvey (TV show). Four of the top five movies liked disproportionately by North Carolina Facebook users had religious themes – No. 1 “God’s Not Dead,” No. 2 “Heaven Is For Real,” No. 4 “Son of God” and No. 5 “Left Behind.”