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Former Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon's attorney on his client's prison stay

On Friday afternoon, a hearing was held to determine if a civil lawsuit against Patrick Cannon, the City of Charlotte and several other defendants over allegations regarding a pay-to-play scheme can move forward.

Two taxi companies claim that they were shut out of airport contracts, and are now going to court in an attempt to seek damages.

After the proceedings, Cannon's attorney, James Ferguson, talked about his client's current surroundings.

Several weeks ago, Cannon started his 44-month sentence at a correctional facility in West Virginia after pleading guilty to taking bribes from government agents.

Ferguson provided insight regarding how Cannon's making the adjustment to life in prison.

The defense lawyer told WBTV that he's has been in touch with the former mayor, and that they've shared a number of conversations.

“He's doing about as well as one can do in his circumstance. No one is going to be happy in that circumstance, but he's making the adjustment,” Ferguson said. "He's looking forward to the time he'll be back participating in the life in Charlotte.”

Ferguson also said that Cannon has enrolled in a substance abuse program that could reduce the time of his sentence.