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Top N.C. donors give big to 2014 campaigns

Robert Luddy, Raleigh

Total donations: $362,000

To Republicans: $356,000

Raleigh businessman chairs the conservative Civitas Institute. His biggest federal donation: $100,000 to Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC backed by Charles and David Koch.

John C. Whitaker Jr., Winston-Salem

Total donations: $261,000

To Republicans: $261,000

The retired Winston-Salem CEO was a director of Wachovia and a member of Wake Forest University’s board of trustees. His biggest donations: $100,000 to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and $64,800 to the RNC.

John and Virginia Sall, Cary

Total donations: $230,800

To Democrats: $224,800

In 1976 John Sall co-founded SAS, now a $3 billion software company based in the Research Triangle Park. He and his wife each gave $64,000 to the national Democratic Party and also gave to the party’s Senate campaign committee.

David Cohen, Charlotte

Total donations: $215,200

To liberal groups: $210,000

The founder of Simcah Capital was one of the largest donors to Kansans Support Problem Solvers, giving $200,000 to the super PAC that tried to elect independent Greg Orman to the U.S. Senate.

Dave, Katherine Phillips, High Point

Total donations: $205,300

To Republicans: $205,300

High Point businessman was state Commerce Secretary under Gov. Jim Martin. In 2007, named ambassador to Estonia after fellow North Carolinian Aldona Wos. He and his wife each gave the maximum $64,800 to the RNC.

Jim Goodnight, Cary

Total donations: $183,000

To Republicans: $183,000

Once taught statistics with John Sall at N.C. State University. Together they started SAS, of which Goodnight is now CEO. His biggest donation: $100,000 to American Crossroads. Also gave at least $67,000 to state GOP candidates.

Neil and Bridget Bender, Wilmington

Total donations: $165,400

To Republicans: $165,400

In Wilmington, Bender started Velocity Solutions, a financial consulting firm now based in Fort Lauderdale. He and his wife each maxed out to RNC. In 2010 they jumped toward the top of the list in donations to state GOP candidates, more than $240,000.

Louis DeJoy, Greensboro

Total donations: $144,800

To Republicans: $144,800

Brooklyn native is CEO of New Breed Corp., a logistics company, and husband of Aldona Woss, the state’s secretary of Health and Human Services. He gave the RNC $64,800 and thousands more to GOP congressional candidates, including House Speaker John Boehner.

Bob Page, Greensboro

Total donations: $107,400

To Democrats: $97,400

One-time auditor who turned a flea market hobby into Replacements Limited, which boasts the world’s largest selection of old and new dinnerware and reveniues of more than $89 million. Was a vocal opponent of the 2012 amendment to ban gay marriage. Gave $54,600 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Jim and Mary Anne Rogers, Charlotte

Total donations: $105,000

To Democrats: $52,800

To Republicans: $37,200

Retired Duke Energy CEO and his wife spread their money around. He gave $32,400 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and $22,400 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

SOURCE: The Center for Responsive Politics and the Observer. The money includes only contributions that report to the Federal Election Commission. It does not include non-reportable, or “dark” money. And it does not include money to statewide candidates and parties.