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Labor mailers hit McCrory

A labor organization began sending out mailers this week critical of Gov. Pat McCrory.

The N.C. State AFL-CIO will send mailers in weekly batches to union households around the state. This first blast amounts to about 30,000 mailers, and will be followed by another round of about 120,000 pieces.

Weekly mailers will go out up to Election Day.

The mailer doesn’t mention Democratic challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper. It criticizes McCrory for new fees that have been imposed to help pay for high-earners’ tax cuts.

“Direct mail is a tried-and-true way to get information about elections to union households,” said NC State AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer, MaryBe McMillan. “Educating union members by mail, in person, and over the phone about why Pat McCrory and other anti-worker candidates are wrong for North Carolina is critical to winning their support on Election Day.”