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After slow start in Raleigh, it’s time for .... spring break!


Maybe it’s just that two years ago Republican legislators were energized by new super-majorities and a Republican governor to boot. Or maybe it’s that last month’s unexpected snow days kept them away.

But whatever the reason, the General Assembly has gotten off to a slow start.

How slow? Well, through Wednesday there have been 147 bills filed in the House compared to 193 at the same point in 2013, the last year there was a long session.

In the Senate, 164 bills have been filed, compared to 203 two years ago.

In 2013, the Senate alone had passed some significant legislation by the same point in the session. It had voted to create a Charlotte airport authority, reject Medicaid expansion and reorganize government. This year there have been a relative handful of votes.

So now the General Assembly plans to pick up the pace, right?

Right. But only until the week of April 6, when both chambers take a week off for a spring break.

In 2013? No spring break.

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