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Ahead of SC primary, Republican hopefuls court Mulvaney

Mick Mulvaney
Mick Mulvaney

Since libertarian Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul dropped out of the race, the other candidates have apparently been trying to win over Upstate S.C. Congressman Mick Mulvaney.

According to a report in Politico, Mulvaney – who had endorsed Paul, a Kentucky senator – has been solicited by most of the other candidates for the Republican nomination. Mulvaney, a strong conservative, was one of the founding members of the Freedom Caucus in Congress, which has aggressively pushed back against “establishment” Republicans and fought any compromises.

South Carolina holds the first Republican primary in the South on Saturday. Mulvaney’s endorsement could help any of the remaining candidates – but he doesn’t sound like he’s particularly interested in picking sides now.

“They all reached out one way or another,” Mulvaney told Politico. “It’s pretty transparent, isn’t it? Several of these people have never called me before in my life and now they want to talk.”

He said he hasn’t decided whether to endorse anyone and hasn’t figured out who he’s voting for, but is open to talking with candidates who come to his district, which includes Rock Hill and most of the Upstate region.