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Is Ben Carson running for veep?

Ben Carson
Ben Carson AP

Is Republican Ben Carson now running for vice president?

That’s what his campaign manager, John Philip Sousa IV, is floating.

“Without Ben Carson on the Republican ticket, either as our presidential nominee or even as our vice presidential nominee, the Democrats will win the White House and the America we love will disappear,” Sousa wrote in a fundraising email Thursday.

Carson finished last in last week’s S.C. GOP primary and lags in single digits in other states.

“Ben Carson is still the key to a Republican victory in 2016,” wrote Sousa, great-grandson of the famed composer. “Trump, Rubio, and Cruz are all destined to lose in 2016 because without Ben Carson on the ticket, they will lose the African American vote.…

“The demographics of America have changed dramatically … If Ben Carson is on the ticket, either as president or as vice president, we can win the White House by winning upwards of 25% of the black vote and 35% of the Hispanic vote.”

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