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3 things to look for Monday at the Democratic National Convention


The Democratic National Convention kicks off at 3 p.m. Monday at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.

The three things to look for:

1. Forget those predictions that this convention would be a boring love fest.

Media coverage on Day One will be dominated by the sudden controversy surrounding those leaked emails from party officials and news that DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will take the blame by leaving her post by week’s end. The hacked emails on Wikileaks confirm charges by Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters that party staffers favored insider Hillary Clinton and even discussed ways – including raising questions about Sanders’ religion – to try to sabotage the challenger’s insurgent campaign. How will Sanders’ devoted delegates react? Will they walk out? Protest on the convention floor?

2. Speaking of Sanders, he’ll get his big moment – and likely an emotional reception – when he speaks to the convention.

The Clinton campaign is hoping he’ll tell supporters how crucial it is to elect his former primary opponent if they hope to see the bold reforms they’ve battled for – including a $15 minimum wage and stepped-up action on climate change – come to fruition. Look for Sanders to also tout the successes of his revolution, including a platform that is the party’s most liberal ever and, in Clinton, a nominee who has been pushed to the left on trade and other issues.

3. A week after Melania Trump borrowed a few of her lines, first lady Michelle Obama gets her own prime time speaking slot.

Will Obama mention the plagiarism controversy? Viewers may tune in to find out. What they will definitely hear, according to some reports, is a strong endorsement of Hillary Clinton. The popular first lady also plans to answer those still not sold on Clinton by portraying her as the candidate who has the right character, temperament and commitment to high ideals to be president.

On tap for the N.C. delegation Monday: The state’s Democratic members of Congress, including Rep. Alma Adams, spoke at its breakfast meeting. And Tar Heel delegates will get their first look at where they’ll be on the convention floor.

To watch the action: CNN, Fox News, MSNC and C-SPAN will offer all-day coverage. PBS will start its coverage at 8 p.m., and broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC will begin theirs at 10 p.m.