20 questions with US Senate candidate Sean Haugh


1. My favorite (movie, TV show or book) about politics is:

“The Candidate” with Robert Redford

2. My biggest pet peeve is:

“See, post-heart attack, I’ve been trying to let go of all that stuff. But – people who drive 15 miles under the speed limit.”

3. On my first date with my spouse, we:

“I met her in a Libertarian meeting.”

4. My favorite U.S. Supreme Court justice is:

“Justice (Stephen) Breyer”

5. My career goal at age 11 was:

“To be president – I got smarter.”

6. The last book I read was:

“’‘A Distant Mirror’ by Barbara Tuchman” (The full title is “A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century” – it’s a history of medieval Europe)

7. The public event or person who has shaped my political philosophy the most was:

“Barry Goldwater.”

8. My proudest accomplishment as a public official has been:

“Helping my party grow. It’s really the most gratifying thing to me ... helping us get bigger vote totals than we’ve received before.”

9. A vote I wish I could take back is:

“I don’t know that I have one, to be perfectly honest. I spent two weeks when I was in college volunteering for the first George Bush presidential campaign in 1980. It set me straight.”

10. A foreign leader I really admire is:

“The Dalai Lama. I really admire him for being spokesperson for peace and unity as well as justice for his own people. I also admire Pope Francis a lot for similar reasons.”

11. If I could travel across the country with any person in history, it would be:

“Mark Twain – I know that’s probably a hackneyed one, but he and I would do a lot of the same things.”

12. My nickname is/was:

“I don’t have one. People called me names, but I never had a nickname. My name is hard to spell – I realize that I have a lot emotionally invested in my name. I’ve always been very attached to my name.”

13. Multiple choice: The mountains or the beach?

“The mountains.”

14. My favorite song is:

“‘I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun” by Rotary Connection. They were a psychedelic band from the ‘60s.”

15. On an ideal Saturday, I would:

“I would watch my Oklahoma Sooners win a football game.”

16. If I could watch only one hour of TV every week, it would be:


17. My spouse and children think I’m too:


18. My least favorite thing about holding public office is:

“Having to spend so much time in Washington, D.C.”

19. The one thing that helps me get through long campaign days is:

“I’m always having fun with it. This is another question where I don’t fit in. I don’t really have long campaign days. Post-heart attack, I’m still recovering. Part of my doctor’s instructions is when I feel like I’m pushing myself too hard, don’t push through it, just stop.”

20. The one thing my opponent has said about me that has really bothered me is:

“What bothers me is they don’t talk about me. They’re both trying to ignore the fact that I exist. I found out that it was both of them that insisted I not be in the debate.”

Sean Haugh

Age: 55.

Education: Tufts University.

Professional experience: Pizza delivery driver.

Political resume: Former chair and executive director, Libertarian Party of North Carolina; former political director, Libertarian National Committee.

Family: Spouse Pam Adams, 2 dogs (Obie and Mali), 2 cats (Buster and Benny)

Religious affiliation: None

Haugh factoids: While he says he could do other jobs, Haugh prefers to make his living delivering pizza. “I've never enjoyed greater job satisfaction,” he says. While his opponents campaign with expensive ads, Haugh addresses voters with a friendly “Howdy!” in YouTube videos where he sips craft beer while outlining his platform.

Website: seanhaugh.com