Shawn Greeson focuses on environment, poverty in race for Charlotte City Council at-large seat

Shawn Greeson
Shawn Greeson

Shawn Greeson, a first time City Council candidate, is running on two main themes: Protecting the environment and the city’s poorest residents.

“I’m the only candidate that has made the environment part of their core platform,” said Greeson said. “And the city’s poorest residents are the ones who feel the bluntest effects of the environment. Poverty and the environment are intertwined.”

Greeson is a special education teacher who was elected to the Mecklenburg Soil and Water Conservation District last year. He said he would donate his council salary to charity if he wins one of four at-large seats this fall.

He decided to run for a City Council at-large seat because he said the current Democratic majority on council isn’t doing enough.

He said he attended one of the police’s “Cops and Barbers” community outreach events when a girl asked him whether there would be free food for people who attended. Greeson said the girl was hungry, which he said shouldn’t happen in a city as wealthy as Charlotte.

“The Democratic party is supposed to protect and speak for the poorest,” he said. “And it’s not been doing that.”

Greeson said he would never vote for public money to support private sports teams. He said he would push for disclosure of when lobbyists meet with elected officials, and he would support a city referendum on term limits.

“The system is set up for incumbents,” he said. Steve Harrison


Age: 35

Hometown: Grew up in foothills in Georgia mountains; lived in Charlotte for nine years

Family: Married, one child

Education: University of West Georgia, bachelors degree. Masters degree in education from Wingate University

Occupation: Special education teacher

Political experience: Mecklenburg Board of Supervisors for Soil and Water Conservation District.

Community work: Helped citizens fight rezonings; Organized clothing drives for needy families; Organized house-good drives for battered women for abusive relationships; participated in Black Lives Matter protests.

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