Ryan Duffie running for Congress as a tea party conservative

Ryan Duffie
Ryan Duffie

Ryan Duffie made a lot of stops before moving to Charlotte in 2010.

He was born on an Air Force base near Tokyo and followed his parents to bases around the United States and beyond, including Texas, Illinois and Guam. He went to college in New Hampshire and lived in Boston.

“While I enjoyed my years in Boston,” he wrote on his website, “the extreme winters, extreme liberalism and high cost of living eventually encouraged me to look elsewhere to establish roots. … I decided Charlotte would be a good fit.”

Now 40, Duffie, who works in the financial industry, is making his first run for office.

Tea party

On his website, Duffie acknowledges that he’s not “a natural politician.”

“Rather,” he says, “I am a true believer in American ideals and the rights of individuals.”

Duffie considers himself a tea party conservative. His website highlights the Constitution. Single, he even says he’s “looking for a lady who understands and values liberty and America like I do.”

“I identify with tea party,” he told the Observer. “I just think the government is too big and too powerful. We’re just losing our individual rights.”

Smaller government

Duffie wants fewer government regulations and less government, period.

“I will support the abolishment of the Federal Reserve System and the reinstatement of the Gold Standard. The IRS should be abolished and a simple flat tax be enacted in its stead,” he writes.

He would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a market-based system that guarantees portability of coverage and health care choice.

He believes in a non-interventionist foreign policy. Wars in Vietnam and Iraq, he wrote, “damaged the world.”

In the presidential campaign, he has supported Ted Cruz and is still wary of Donald Trump.

“He’s contradicted so much of what he said, I’m not sure really what he believes,” Duffie says. “The only case people seem to be making for him now is he’s not Hillary Clinton.”

Tough district

Duffie knows the district is tough for Republicans, who make up only 23 percent of registered voters.

But, he says, “I really believe that a lot of Democrats would vote for Republicans. I think a lot of Democrats are more conservative than they realize. … We just have a language barrier.”

He says he’s more worried about the general election than the June 7 primary.

“I don’t think it will take that many votes to win the primary,” he says. “The hard part will come after I actually win.”

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Ryan Duffie

Hometown: Boston.

Education: B.A., University of New Hampshire.

Family: Single.

Job: Securities trader.

Politics: First run for office.

Worth knowing: Played in a band called Rock Czar.