Permission to Hate

Person: Join KKK, stand up against transgender people and support HB2, flier suggested

In Roxboro, residents awoke in May to find fliers left by the Ku Klux Klan on their lawns. The pitch: Join the KKK in standing up against transgender people and supporting House Bill 2.

“Transgender is an abomination,” read the fliers from the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. “These freaks are jeopardizing the safety of our bathrooms all across the nation for our women and children ... Join and help us stand up and boycott this abomination.”

A white-hooded figure at the bottom points at the reader, in a perversion of the famous Uncle Sam recruiting posters: “The KKK Wants You!”

Police Chief David Hess said investigators tried unsuccessfully to determine “who was spreading the deplorable message of hate and intimidation but we were unable to confirm that it was anyone with the KKK.”

Hess added: “We have good people in Roxboro and Person County who have the right to protection from fear and intimidation and we will protect that right with the help of our good people,” Hess said. “We will send a unified message that love is more powerful than hate.”

James Moore, Imperial Kludd (chaplain) of the national organization of Loyal White Knights, said his group distributed several hundred fliers. Moore, who lives in Richmond, Va., blamed the federal government for “trying to force same-sex marriage down our throats, and let them into the same bathrooms as us.”

Asked why the KKK distributed fliers in Roxboro, he said they have members there and are hoping to get more.

In a statement in May, Roxboro Mayor Merilyn Newell said: “The City of Roxboro will not tolerate any actions against citizens by groups who have a mission of racial, sexual, religious or any other kind of intimidation. While these types of groups have First Amendment protections for their recruitment or message, we stand by our city's mission to be a safe and fair place for all who choose to live here.”