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UNC Charlotte shooting survivor speaks out: ‘Light will always outshine the dark’

A student who was injured in a mass shooting at UNC Charlotte in April says he is “sick and tired of all of the violence in this country.”

Drew Pescaro on Tuesday posted an open letter to his social media accounts.

“It seems we can’t go a day without a new mass shooting appearing in the news,” said 19-year-old Pescaro, who lived in Apex and attended Middle Creek High School.

In his five-part post, Pescaro talked about stopping tragedies and called for people across the country to work toward change.

The comments came after Pescaro was shot April 30 during an incident that left two people dead and three others injured, The Charlotte Observer has reported. Police charged a 22-year-old former student in connection with the case.

Pescaro spent about three weeks in the hospital after the shooting and had to return to two days after he was discharged due to complications.

“Even on my worst of days it has become fully apparent that no matter what, light will always outshine the dark moments that occur in this world,” Tuesday’s social media posts said.

At first, Pescaro said, he thought sharing his feelings could rile some of the people who supported him. He eventually decided to express himself, admitting he didn’t have all the solutions to the issues he mentioned, according to his post.

“I have reached a point where I am no longer concerned with upsetting anyone because I need to do this for myself- and in my opinion, being strong or inspirational means speaking up when others can’t or won’t,” Pescaro wrote.

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