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He killed a cab driver in Conway during botched robbery and will spend decades in prison

A 26-year-old will spend three decades in prison for shooting and killing a cab driver in Conway during a botched robbery.

Marion Campbell pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter during a hearing in Horry County court on Wednesday. Police initially charged Campbell with murder for the death of Dennis Mantel, 66, in June 2017.

“I feel he should get the karma he deserves,” Mantel’s sister, Amy D’Ercole, said during the hearing.

Judge Deadra Jefferson sentenced Campbell to 30 years in prison, which is the maximum for voluntary manslaughter.

Campbell shot Mantel as he sat in his cab near Dunn Short Cut Road and Juniper Bay Road in the Conway area, Assistant Solicitor Seth Oskin said. Campbell fled to Florida after the murder and then returned to South Carolina.

As a result of his plea, Campbell will have to serve 85 percent of his sentence and won’t be eligible for parole until 2047.

D’Ercole said the sentence would not replace her brother and that their mom died without justice being served in the case.

Defense Attorney Ralph Wilson Jr. spoke on Campbell’s behalf during the hearing. He said Campbell hoped the victims could learn to forgive him.

“He is so sorry for what happened in this case,” Wilson said. “He is so sorry for your loss.”

Campbell has struggled with drug use since he was 11 years old, Wilson said.

Campbell has taken responsibility for his actions, he said. The defense asked the judge for mercy in the case, and Wilson said Campbell told him not to file an appeal.

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