Charlotte is making incremental ‘green' steps

Timothy Crawford, president of Citiline Resortline Companies, responding to “Condos don't leave me feeling earth friendly” (Forum, June 2):

We appreciate the recent letter to the editor referencing our property, The Vyne on Central, at the corner of Central and Briar Creek, and the opportunity it gives us to address the concept of “green” development in Charlotte.

Citiline Resortline strives to be at the forefront of this area's appetite for new, “green” real estate products. Our company has been involved in Austin, Tex., and the Asheville area and we find those areas to be a few years ahead of Charlotte in adopting “green” thinking in public policy and the marketplace. Charlotte is a more conservative place in both those regards.

Incrementalism is an implementation tool that has been studied for years, mostly in the realm of public policy. Incrementalism is the approach that is needed with regard to Charlotte becoming a more “green” city. The Vyne is an incremental step in the right green direction.

The Vyne is and always has been a green project via our participation in the N.C. HealthyBuilt Homes official accreditation program (www.healthybuilthome.org). The program provides a certificate for homes meeting “green home guidelines” as built by residential builders who practice sustainable, high performance building strategies. In a HealthyBuilt Home, building materials and processes are selected to reduce pollution and the waste of natural resources during the manufacturing and construction phases and throughout the life of the home.

Developers can only move as fast as the market and public policy will accept change, so changes in real estate development require incremental steps. We hope other developers and consumers will jump on the green building bandwagon, and Charlotte will see more and larger incremental steps over time. For now, The Vyne is a step in the right green direction for both the scale on which we are building and market risks we are undertaking.