I'm not a murdering racist

From William Gheen, president of the Raleigh-based Americans for Legal Immigration PAC:

I am not a murderous racist who would harm immigrants or minorities in any way, as Observer Associate Editor Mary Schulken has depicted me in her June 5 column (“This tide of meanness must stop”).

I hope that readers of the Observer never have to learn what it feels like to wake up to the phone ringing because friends and family members from Western North Carolina are calling to inform them that Mary Schulken just used her position as an editor of the paper to compare them with a fictional Hollywood character that called people “niggers” and enjoyed assaulting or murdering immigrants.

She knows that I'm no “Bill the Butcher” from “Gangs of New York” and that I used to work to elect some of the first minorities and women to office in certain parts of this state.

What a shame it is that the Observer is allowing Schulken to abuse her position to pursue her radical pro-illegal alien agenda by attempting to mislead readers about who I am and what I stand for.

I and my organization, ALIPAC, fervently work with black and Hispanic Americans as well as legal immigrants. I share nothing in common with the fictional racist and murderous “Bill The Butcher.”

I hope that the black and Hispanic supporters of ALIPAC, as well as our legal immigrants, will come to my defense against this terrible injustice.

Schulken described me in such a way that a reader who did not know better might feel that I would want to physically harm someone because of their race, thus creating a clear and present danger for me and my family as candidates for assault and possibly lethal violence.

The Observer should take immediate action to correct this situation and tell readers the truth about me. Mary Schulken should be terminated from her position for lying to your readers to a degree that puts me at risk of physical harm.