Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Grier Heights rocked by landlord's shooting” (July 31):

Grier Heights is loser

in murder of landlord

Having worked with him on real estate transactions, I had the utmost respect for Jacob Massachi. No matter how much he was multi-tasking, he always seemed polite, attentive and on top of his game. Numerous tenants have testified to Jacob's willingness to go the extra mile.

His senseless murder is indicative of just how short our fuses have become during these trying economic times.

Theautry Green


In response to “Too late for illegal immigrants” (July 30):

Community colleges

indifferent to justice?

How disappointing that our community college system is ignoring the attorney general, the governor and even our former sheriff and continuing to ban undocumented students.

The system's inaction suggests it follows the law only when it fits its discriminatory agenda.

Why can't board members end their vacations, call an early meeting and make this right?

Glenn Hutchinson Jr.


In response to “Police: Man shot churchgoers for liberal views” (July 29):

View from Unitarian:

No retribution – this time

At a recent Wednesday night service at Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church we were joined by a passerby. After a few minutes of listening to the discussion on the role of education, he interrupted to ask if this was a Christian church. Fortunately for us, he was in need of only food and transportation (which we provided) – not of retribution toward those of us who work to uphold such liberal UU principles as “a world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.”

Eva Dew Danner


In response to “House issues apology for wrongs of slavery, Jim Crow” (July 30):

Let's hope House apology

sets standard for more

Better late than never. I hope the president, Senate and Supreme Court will issue the same apology.

Chuck Mann


In response to “Police crack down on where homeless eat” (July 20):

Treatment of homeless

is anything but Christian

Charlotte, whose soaring church spires and shimmering glass “cathedrals” mirrored its twin allegiances to God and Mammon, has revealed its darker side.

In a move the Burmese junta would have surely applauded, the city marshaled its scarce police resources to crack down on homeless people partaking of their daily bread.

Rather than rewarding the Good Samaritan for feeding the poor, city officials caved in to the base instincts of a few avaricious business owners and made a mockery of the region's historic Christian values.

Shame on you, Charlotte!

Rich Graham


In response to “Bobcats make a worthwhile investment” (July 30):

How many poor people

could Okafor's pay feed?

The food banks are running out of food. Meals on Wheels needs help. Homeowners are being evicted. And United Way faces a possible decrease in donations.

Yet our society can afford to pay an athlete multiple millions for a few months work each year?

Jerry Fulmer

Wesley Chapel

Siers doesn't understand

reality of police work

If Kevin Siers would ride in a police car for seven nights straight, he might apologize for his “Short fuse” editorial cartoon of July 18.

Split-second decision-making is part of being an officer. Like the rest of us, they aren't perfect, but under the pressure they face they usually do the best humanly possible.

George Plyler


In response to “Real cause of Civil War: Access to white women” (July 30 Forum):

‘Freudian' theory of war

challenged by history

What Freudian explanation does Joy Shivar offer for white male slave owners' exploiting their access to black women?

Evidently black women held at least as much appeal to them as did white women, the best known example having been Sally Hemings'desirability in the eyes and heart of Thomas Jefferson.

Marcia Wilson

Forest City

In response to “East Meck football punished” (July 25):

Volunteer coach was there

for many kids in need

If Terry Robertson is to be accurately accused, it should be of pulling too many socially deprived young men out of the ruts that would doom them to gang life, poverty, incarceration, homelessness or death.

Terry and his wife are like surrogate parents to many such kids, not all of whom attended those schools where he has volunteered for almost two decades. My son never had the privilege of working with Coach Rob on the football field, but he benefited from the great practical advice I often solicited from Terry when I was the divorced mother of a vulnerable teenager.

Donna Maria Gaither


In response to “Obama defends his timeline for Iraq withdrawal” (July 23):

Nobody elected Petraeus

to determine policies

Is Sen. McCain running for vice president?

How many times have we heard him say Gen. Petraeus says this, Gen. Petraeus recommends that?

No general has the right to make decisions about the country's national security policies.

Generals such as Washington, Jackson, Harrison, Grant and Eisenhower were elected by the people to be commander-in-chief. Gen. Petraeus has not.

Marita Lentz


In response to “Fellow Americans, be afraid. Please.” (July 29 Viewpoint):

As seer, columnist Kristol

is flop (and I'm glad)

William Kristol's real hope, of course, is that his talking points will scare us into not voting for Obama.

However, I can't think of a time when one of Mr. Kristol's predictions panned out. Now I'm not as worried McCain might somehow eke it out. Thanks for giving me more hope, Bill!

Bruce Nofsinger


Dislike for Bush doesn't

justify voting for Obama

Giving in to a knee-jerk reaction against President Bush and voting for Obama won't solve anything. McCain is a middle of the road, common sense type of guy. He's neither a liberal nor a conservative Bible toter. What we need is less divisiveness and more cooperation, or nothing will ever get done.

Jeff Walters


President Obama? U.S.

headed for socialism

Sen. Obama's economic plans represent the start of socialism in the United States and more government telling you what's good for you.

Frank Amorosano

Clover, S.C.

New Yorker cover

tells it like it is

Every voter needs to view the cover of the latest New Yorker magazine (July 16, “Obama responds to cartoon”).

Obama is in Muslim robe attire with a turban, and wife Michelle is in combat gear. They “fist-bump” to celebrate their White House victory. A photo of Osama bin Laden is on the wall. The American flag is burning in the fireplace!

Careful thought must be given to having this combo lead our country.

W. Grimes Byerly, M.D.