Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “More dollars needed to fight AIDS in U.S.” (Aug. 6 editorial):

AIDS: Good citizens pay bill

for others' lack of self-control

It's hard to be sympathetic toward people who knowingly infect themselves and others with a deadly disease. They suffer a compulsive addiction, a lifestyle, that's incurable. It won't be changed with more and more dollars.

The pity of it all is that people who lead decent, family lives, many of whom are barely making ends meet in these difficult times, have to carry the financial burden imposed on them by people who can't or won't control themselves.

Robert Douglas


In response to “Charlotte got shorted on disability help” (Aug. 7 editorial):

‘Charlotte got shorted'? So

what else is new?

Charlotte has been shortchanged not only on disability judges, but also on teacher pay, on I-485 and on the criminal justice system.

Talk, talk, talk. How about some action?

Do we all have to get mad to get something done?

We should keep our elected officials in office based on results, not on name recognition.

Vickey Benfield


In response to “Just one 8 after another” (Aug. 8):

Don't let language add

to bias against girls

Reinforcing the premium society pays for male children, Sarah Aarthun writes, “In addition to sons David, 56, and Donnie, 49, the Todds have two daughters, Susan, 59, and Allyson, 42….”

Instead, why not say, “They have four children, in birth order, Susan, David, Donnie and Allyson”?

Let's remember in what country we live and set a better example for those who treat women as chattel.

Sherry Williams


In response to “Pelosi's power move silences my voice in Washington” (Aug. 7 Forum):

Want ‘voice in Washington'?

Better bring checkbook

Unless Don Gyr makes at least a six-figure salary, owns a large corporation or is an attorney, he has no representation in Washington.

Joe Heafner


In response to “Forget Dale? Not Kannapolis” (Aug. 4 For the record):

Earnhardt's ‘Pass in Grass':

Famous, just not factual

“Who can ever forget the pass in the grass?” asks Mayor Bob Misenheimer. “I was there and saw it.”

Strictly speaking, it didn't happen – NASCAR rules don't allow it. [At the 1987 NASCAR all-star race at Lowe's Motor Speedway] Dale Earnhardt was ahead of Bill Elliott when he left the track, was ahead of him through the grass and was still ahead of him when Dale came back on the track.

John Lawrence


In response to “A silly, irrelevant campaign” (Aug. 7 Viewpoint):

Cal Thomas stumbles while

trying to walk the walk

Cal Thomas sets out to do a “fair and balanced” analysis of the presidential campaign but quickly launches into a detailed negative critique of Obama, followed by a single mild question for McCain.

Nice try, Cal.

Ray Pippin


Want whining Americans?

You're at Ground Zero!

Phil Gramm recently had to resign from the McCain campaign over his comment that this is a “nation of whiners” (July 13, “McCain's big week derailed by errors”).

Don't believe him? Just read the Forum or the Buzz any day of the week.

Greg Wylie


In response to “Police kill mayor's dogs in home raid” (Aug. 8):

Dogs only latest victims

of futile war on drugs

More unnecessary collateral damage in our unwinnable, wasteful war on drugs. Maybe today a few more people realize its futility and cruelty.

William Perkins


Big trucks, rush hours:

Bad mix for commuters

Below 75 or 85 mph, I don't see speeding as a problem during rush hours. But trucks definitely are a problem.

To increase commuter safety, tractor-trailers should be banned from interstates in and around Charlotte weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Cities across the nation already enforce similar bans. With a little planning tractor-trailer drivers should have plenty of time to use the interstates before and after rush hours.

Tom Stocker


Windmills would despoil

landscape of Great Plains

After we've killed all the buffalo and rounded up all the Indians we didn't kill, T-Bone Pickens now wants to improve the beautiful vistas of the Great Plains with thousands of windmills – not the kinda cute little Dutch windmills we've all come to know and love, but huge, noisy, whirling, steel machines that would produce at enormous cost – and only when the wind is blowing – maybe a tenth of our electricity needs.

What a stupid idea. Almost as bad as those of Al Gore.

Philip F. Howerton Jr.


So now can curse vocabulary

expand its source material?

Now that society has determined many paths lead to God, will those who use curse language choose other divine names – or just continue to single out Jesus Christ?

Verlin Anderson


Impeach Bush? No, he's

made that low priority

George W. Bush will never be impeached, because the state of our nation's affairs is so dire Congress would be ridiculed for spending time on that process rather than trying to fix the problems this administration has created.

Bill Clinton was impeached because a thriving nation was able to focus on his impeachment.

Tim Michael


Beijing offers case study

in environmental damage

In response to “China may get tougher on pollution” (Aug. 1):

Take a close look at the air of Beijing. Looks like they could use some tree-hugging liberals over there. Air should be breathed, not seen.

James B. McManus

Lancaster, S.C.

Sun is just waiting for us

to capture its energy

Eventually, we will wake up and realize God has given us for eternity the only energy source we'll ever need.

He puts it there before us every day. It's not necessary for us to butcher His creation. God tries to make us see it by forcing us to sweat, wear sunglasses, put on sunscreen, find shade and turn on the air conditioning.

So why aren't we concentrating our research funds to harness the energy of the sun?

Someday in the future a school teacher will be showing her students a glass jar of crude oil and explaining how it controlled our lives in the year 2008. Then she'll put it back on the cabinet shelf with the other curiosities.

Paul Green


Sept. 11 carries more than

one unhappy association

Let's all remember Sept. 11 as a day of mourning, when the dreaded one caused so much pain and misery to thousands of innocent people. Of course, I'm talking about Bruton Smith and the first race at his new drag strip.

Dave Raulerson