Observer forum: Letters to editor

Illegal immigrants don't

qualify for legal jobs

You suggest we “Open college doors to illegal immigrants” (Aug. 15 editorial) because “that would enable them to get better jobs, better income and pay more taxes.”

Where exactly are the jobs illegal immigrants can get legally?

Are we meant to simply gloss over the meaning of the word “illegal”?

John S. Perugini


Myrick would deter illegals

from using loopholes

Allowing illegals access to public education only serves to attract more illegals.

Sue Myrick is right in introducing legislation to deter such catering to lawbreakers.

The law should be enforced, not “loopholed around.”

Richard Sutton


In response to “What's in park bond for you?” (Aug. 11):

Why should I provide pool

for out-of-county swimmers?

Am I alone in resenting paying higher Mecklenburg taxes for the enjoyment of folks in surrounding counties – those same folks who often cite their desire to live where “taxes are lower”?

This voter isn't likely to support new Park and Rec bonds for the pleasure of Iredell, Union and S.C. residents, all of whom I encounter at the Marion Diehl Center.

Commissioners, take note!

S.T. Blair


Fear of layoffs undermines

confidence of work force

Last night I asked a friend's son about his plans after college. To my surprise he talked about getting an IT job at a retail store – simply because he had never heard of anyone getting laid off there. Both his parents had been laid off from professional jobs at two of our city's biggest corporations.

Shortsighted businessmen. Offshoring. Nearshoring. We're doing this to ourselves! What are our kids and their kids going to do for a living?

Marcie Rollins


In response to “CMS's lawyer is given extension to get license” (Aug. 14):

It sure doesn't take much

to earn bonus from CMS

When Regina Bartholomew was hired, she signed a contract requiring her to pass the N.C. bar exam by September.

Although she has failed to do so, the board still thinks she deserves a “performance” bonus?

Dan Burger


In response to “Makeover's leftovers include grievances” (Aug. 13):

As neighbor you could do worse

than ‘Makeover' mansion

I'd rather live next to a big new house than a 1,400-square-foot house that needed painting and yard work.

There will always be someone better off than you, but also those worse off! Be happy!

Robert David


In response to “How to respond to Russia” (Aug. 15 Viewpoint):

Krauthammer's war story

overlooks crucial point

Not once does Charles Krauthammer mention that it was Georgia who started the violence by invading South Ossetia and killing Russians there. What a convenient omission.

Will Krauthammer now call for the world to punish the United States for the illegal invasion of Iraq?

Joseph Pepe


U.S. response to 9-11

has cost us precious support

Hollering from the right wing, Charles Krauthammer for once makes some sense. But his conclusion that “We have cards” ignores our squandering the top cards we held when the civilized world rushed to our side after watching the twin towers fall.

Ted Lucas


In response to “Putin hopes to prove Russia is still a power” (Aug. 12):

Isn't Putin only following

in Bush's footsteps?

How is Putin any different from Bush?

Both invaded countries that had no WMDs and posed no imminent threat to anyone.

Tom Walsh


Obama skilled at telling us

what we want to hear

The feelings of superiority that caused John Edwards and Ted Kennedy to behave so disgustingly also seem evident in Obama.

We need to look past the rhetoric and elect the candidate who will tell us what he realistically can accomplish – not what we want to hear.

Pat Millington


POW years didn't make

McCain into leader

Why consider John McCain a leader?

Coming from a military family, he had little choice but to follow in his father's footsteps family. In the Navy he was a pilot, a lone wolf who flew a high-priced piece of machinery – and apparently not very skillfully, as he was shot down.

Robert A. Coppola


In response to “Dogma-burdened conservatives fall short of academic standard” (Aug. 10 Forum):

Look to news for ‘morally, intellectually bankrupt'

Brian G. Jackson, check out the front page of your newspaper!

You will see the “morally and intellectually bankrupt” aren't necessarily conservative.

Shell Holston