The Buzz

Problem: Proven effective but overpaid executive. Solution: Fire executive, hire new hopefully effective executive, pay both for next 2 1/2 years. Make sense?

If guns kill people, do pens misspell words?

The problem with McCain's houses is not the number he has, but his display of short-term memory loss as an answer to the question.

Senator Obama was BORN in 1961. The Ayers bombings were in the 1960s. Tell Harold Simmons and the American Issues Project this “swift” boat has sunk.

All those who have refused a raise or compensation package please stand up… I thought so.

Conservatives are the biggest self-proclaimed victim group in the country.

It's time for Obama to start scaring old people by talking about privatizing Social Security and ending Medicare. Democrats do it every election.

Now that the United Way board has done the “right thing” by ousting Ms. King, when will they do the other Right Thing by resigning en masse?

If we could vote for the speech writers instead of the speech readers, we may have something.

So the sex-ring madam got a two year sentence … why not just community service? Wait. That's what she was doing in the first place.