Forum Follies

“Tony Blair is trying to pressure the Bush administration to sign on to an improved Toyota Protocol.”

“CMS athletics is divided into the haves and have nots. The haves play baseball in the Tasmah Halls.”

“Many of our soldiers coming back from Iraq are suffering from Post Dramatic Stress.”

“If enough people lean so far to the left, the dad-gone ship will tip to the left and you can all drown in your own disgraceful beds that you have made.”

“Before the recent tragedy, these flag-waving Neanderthals probably didn't even know the meaning of the term patronage.”

“Move over Bill Clinton, make room for your predecessor.”

“Not to mention the pre-Madonna attitudes of the judges … ”

“When compared to traditional public hosing … ”

“Is that any less illogical than ‘scientists' who accept the ‘Big Band' theory?”

“I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said ‘Descent is the greatest form of patriotism.'”