Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “United Way CEO: Let's get past this” (Aug. 29):

Been paying too much?

Maybe you should stop

I assume retired executive Mac Everett already has sufficient sources of income and is taking on this challenge as a public service, not because he wants the money.

Why then would the United Way board create more questions about its stewardship of donors' funds by paying $80,000 for four months of Everett's time?

Jim Bolin


Getting past King affair

doesn't come cheap

$20,000 a month? I'll do it for half that.

David Floyd


Tight-lipped board needs

chat with attorney general

It's the N.C. attorney general's job to investigate and get the answers to all the good questions about why this happened, especially in light of the refusal of the board to offer any explanation.

Aaron E. Michel


Is city's national ranking

really so important?

Thank you for your stories outlining the disturbing board gaffes at United Way.

Is Charlotte's inferiority complex such that the public has to contribute hundreds of thousands so we can rank first in some now ignominious category? For shame!

P.A. Williams


In response to “Fired bus driver: I deserve job back” (Aug. 29):

Prank victim loses job,

while perps get off easy

I commend Mark Washburn and Ann Doss Helms for their reporting on Shaniece Merchant.

I find it unjust that the radio station pranksters are being dealt some undisclosed but no doubt mild discipline, while the butt of their joke, a 20-year-old woman trying her best to do her job, is fired by CMS without recourse.

Stephanie Moore


Radio station should pay

for mistreating bus driver

WIBT-FM should face legal responsibility for this stunt. These are our children the station is playing around with.

Step up, WIBT. Fight for Shaniece Merchant's job – or pay her salary.

Gene Ford


In response to “Statue to be focus of new Gandhi park” (Aug. 22):

Why does Mecklenburg

need statue of Gandhi?

What can the county commissioners be thinking to waste this valuable space at the old Mecklenburg County Courthouse on a park dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi?

Surely there are noted jurists or other U.S. citizens who deserve this honor.

William E. Nesbitt Jr.


In response to “Wet weather doesn't justify scrapping network news” (Aug. 28 Forum):

Message to self: Think

before writing Forum

Is this is the first time a Forum writer has submitted a response to his own letter?

In light of what occurred later, I realize I put my foot in my mouth when I criticized local TV for preempting the national news in favor of storm coverage.

No excuses. I typed first, thought later.

Chuck Freiman


Gustav may be real deal,

but Fay sure wasn't

I was disgusted to see the three major networks devote an entire day and evening chasing one pitiful tropical storm!

I just hope Gustav takes a totally different path from Fay.

Joanne Graves

Lancaster, S.C.

In response to “Despite flooding woes, ‘I don't want to leave' ” (Aug. 29):

Apartment's flooding isn't

responsibility of taxpayers

The Doral apartments have flooded every few years since the 1970s. They should be condemned and torn down.

I have compassion for the residents, but nowhere in the Constitution is it made the responsibility of the federal government to pay for people's poor choices.

John Johns


In response to “Detective: All at fault in teen deaths” (Aug. 24):

Who will speak against

children raising children?

Yes, parents must take responsibility for their children, but how can a 14-year-old both be parented and be a parent?

For some of our population it is the unfortunate norm for children who can barely make educated decisions for themselves to be making decisions for their own children. Who will say no to this accepted behavior?

N. G. Robertson


In response to “What's in a name? UNCC makes revealing change” (Aug. 26 Forum):

‘Liberal' arts have nothing

to do with profs' politics

The writers are dean of University College and dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, respectively, at UNC Charlotte.

I wish Robert Hoagland had had the chance to attend a summer orientation session at UNCC. There he, along with some 5,000 new students, would have heard that the “liberal” in liberal arts has nothing to do with current political rhetoric but refers instead to “freedom.”

As the Renaissance scholar Petrus Paulus Vergerius wrote in 1400: “We call those studies liberal which are worthy of a free man; those studies by which we attain and practice virtue and wisdom.” This ideal of a close relationship between education and citizenship is central to the republic the Founding Fathers created in 1776 and lives on today as a fundamental goal of the newly renamed College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

John Smail

Nancy Gutierrez


In response to “Tax hike for Richistanis only” (Aug. 24 Viewpoint):

Krugman should realize

rich bear heaviest tax burden

Paul Krugman fails to mention that the top 1 percent of U.S. earners pay 40 percent of income taxes, while the bottom 50 percent pay virtually nothing.

Raising taxes in the past has resulted in less revenue to the Treasury, as small businesses fail or close their doors under the burden. Entrepreneurs withdraw their capital investments rather than pay punitive tax rates

Most people considered “wealthy” in the U.S. got there by hard work, not by being handed the keys to the mint. If you envy them, and punish them, you might just destroy the backbone of the American economy to the detriment of all.

William S. Roberts


In response to “ ‘Party unity' doesn't trump my loyalty to Hillary” (Aug. 27 Forum):

Unhappy Hillary backer

shooting self in foot

What better way to reward sexism – something Barbara George Schafer says she wants to avoid – than to write in Hillary's name and thus help the chances of John McCain, who has consistently voted against such women's rights issues as equal pay and workplace discrimination?

And when McCain overturns Roe vs. Wade as he has pledged to do, when more female soldiers die in a ridiculous war he has promised to continue and when more of the working poor who are largely women struggle to find affordable health care and housing, then I'm sure even Ms. Schafer will regret such an empty gesture.

Heather Stancil


Is she challenging sexism

or practicing it?

When Ms. Schafer says, “I was a woman even before I was a Democrat,” it sounds like her primary reason for supporting Hillary is that both are women. And she intends to write in a non-candidate in the general election. Who is the sexist?

L. D. Davidson