Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Edwards' hypocrisy is what made him ‘easy target' ” (Aug. 17 Forum):

Edwards paying price

for challenge to status quo

The reason John Edwards has been set upon by everyone is that as a presidential candidate he gave “the system” a big scare. How dare he challenge the status quo, big business and oil in favor of ordinary Americans living in poverty?

No one could rest until a bone to pick could be found, and now no one is willing to let that bone go.

Intentional or not, the result of this news media overkill will be fewer candidates stepping forward to bring about much-needed change for fear of having their personal lives subjected to such a fine-toothed comb.

Jan Chubb


Liberals not so forgiving

of Republicans gone wild

If liberals weren't such hypocrites, they would treat John Edwards with the same venom with which they treated Republicans Mark Foley, Larry Craig, and David Vitter.

David Council


In response to “Is Obama unsure of what he thinks?” (Aug. 25 Viewpoint):

How I wish current president

were ‘too smart by half'

Kathleen Parker calls Obama “too smart by half” and says his “central weakness as a presidential candidate” is that he “overthinks.”

Like Woodrow Wilson or John F. Kennedy were too smart to be president, Ms. Parker?

The American public should resent such condescending suggestions that we don't want a president who is too bright, as if mediocre intelligence were something to be valued in our leaders.

A president who “underthinks” is apt to invade a country recklessly with no plan how to get out, to respond lamely to natural disasters or to blindly follow ideology in attempting to privatize Social Security.

Let's have a president who thinks a lot.

Alan Singerman


What beside Obama's race

could deny him landslide?

John McCain has so many negatives Barack Obama should be far ahead. So why is isn't he?

Many people can't come to grips with voting for an African American. They won't own up to it, using “We don't know enough about him” as camouflage.

If Barack were white, he would be leading by double digits.

Robin E. Oden


Ads for Perdue, Hagan

embarrass this Democrat

Although my father served as a Democrat in the General Assembly for more than 30 years, the negative ads coming from Bev Perdue and Kay Hagan make me rethink being a lifelong Democrat.

Politicians, have some faith in the public. Don't tell us why your opponent shouldn't be elected. Tell us what you really think about issues, tell us why we should support you and tell us why you should be entrusted to represent us.

Randy Uzzell


Republican attack ads

tarnish legacy of Lincoln

Beside bogus TV ads does the Republican attack machine also send out its version of Terminators to eliminate all living Democrats and supporters?

Is this the legacy of Abraham Lincoln? To destroy your opponent by any means, especially foul?

Jon Schuller


Libertarian Party deserves

mention in political polls

Hey, political pollsters. There are three certified political parties in North Carolina. I've been a card-carrying Libertarian for 28 years. If you want accurate results, you must include more choices than Republicrat, Democan and independent.

Same goes for candidates. I'm voting for neither the stay-the-course old guy, nor the hope-for-change young dude. I'm not “undecided,” either. I've decided to vote for Bob Barr.

Alan Dockery


5:30 a.m. school bus stop

too risky for girl, 12

My 12-year-old granddaughter was included in your photos at the new Marie G. Davis Military and Global Leadership Academy (Aug. 26, “Time again to hit the books”). She is paying a heavy price to attend.

CMS expects her to board a school bus at 5:30 a.m. in order to arrive at 7:15. It is unsafe for her to be at her stop in the dark. This is an insane schedule for a little girl.

If CMS can't provide adequate transportation with reasonable pick-up times, then it shouldn't have opened the school to the entire district. Must a child be harmed before this situation is addressed?

Cheyne Cumming

Portland, Ore.

Upside of down economy:

Service with a smile

Since our economy has declined, I've noticed not only lower prices, but also a tremendous improvement in customer appreciation and service. When the economy rebounds, we should demand the same treatment.

Beverly S. Holder


View from ER in Cancun:

No cash, no treatment

On a recent family visit to Cancun our daughter cut her foot on a piece of scrap metal.

The resort called a doctor, who demanded $80 upon arrival. At the ER we had to pay 100 percent up front – insurance not accepted.

Maybe we should emulate these billing procedures.

Must not those Mexicans in our country illegally laugh at how gullible we are?

L. C. Wright