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In response to “Palin on ticket creates intrigue for N.C. women” (Sept. 4):

Do women really WANT

to be pandered to by GOP?

I was saddened and appalled at the reaction of Hillary Clinton supporter Jyoti Friedland to feeling pandered to by the Palin nomination: “We like it...We believe this country deserves a woman president or vice president...This is my revenge vote.”

How tragic that anyone would use our precious right to vote to extract “revenge.” This attitude insults the intelligence of every serious woman in the world.

Sally Williams


Haven't we learned cost

of such impulsiveness?

The Bush administration failed to pay attention to pre-war intelligence or to do adequate planning during the run-up to the war in Iraq, and the results were disastrous.

McCain seems to be using the same playbook.

We need leaders who do their homework.

John A Price


Why would Palin throw

daughter to media lions?

Why would Sarah Palin expose her 17-year-old daughter to the evils of the national news media by running for vice president? She had to know Bristol would be eaten alive once the media found out she was pregnant. What does that say about Sarah's judgment?

Laura Reich


Palin family contributes

to huge national problem

Underage girls who are unskilled, unemployed, unprepared, unmarried and pregnant are the bane of this country, and they don't get pregnant by themselves.

Does anyone remember the Moynihan Report of a generation ago? The fathers are the most irresponsible of the lot, but there's ample blame for many to share.

To suggest the nation applaud the Palin plan is beyond appalling.

Jeff Thompson


In response to “Pregnant and 17: We owe kids straight talk” (Sept. 4 editorial):

It's not more information

about sex that teens need

The Observer suggests young people need enlightenment about sex. However, the true problem may be that our society has confused sex with recreation.

Information about sex abounds. What children need is good reason to cherish their inherent worth and dignity and to avoid situations that jeopardize their future.

Teaching children to properly use condoms and to take dangerous hormones so they can “safely” play Russian roulette with pregnancy and disease is sending a pea shooter up against a howitzer.

Robin Hugens


McCain-Palin isn't only ticket

of new best friends

The argument that McCain and Palin had no prior relationship before her nomination is weak. Are Obama and Biden old buddies who cook out together and go fishing on weekends?

Frank Bradshaw


GOP shows Democrats

how to treat women

Sen. McCain and the Republicans have shown their respect and confidence in women in ways the Democrats only give lip service to.

Lynette D. Rinker


McCain's pick demonstrates

HE is candidate of change

Obama may support a woman's right to chose, just don't ask him to choose a woman!

Given that McCain did choose a woman, which one has demonstrated “change we can believe in”?

Bob Britton


In response to “Is D.C. appropriate place for mom with obligations?” (Sept. 3 Forum):

Why should child-rearing duty

fall only to Mrs. Palin?

Was Bob Rahilly's suggestion that Sarah Palin should stay at home and tend to her primary responsibility, raising her kids, intended only to get a rise out of folks like me?

Why should Mrs. Palin be held more responsible for her children's upbringing and well being than Mr. Palin? And why does she bear a greater responsibility to teach her children about birth control than Mr. Palin?

Karen Branan


Attitude toward parenting

smacks of bad old days

And here I thought cavemen were extinct!

Danielle Walters


‘Down syndrome' mention

was negative stereotype

Mrs. Palin doesn't have a “Down Syndrome baby.” She has a baby that happens to have Down syndrome. Such insensitive remarks perpetuate negative stereotypes.

My 4-year-old daughter has Down syndrome, but she is not defined by her genetic makeup!

Alisa Snider

Denver, N.C.

In response to “What beside Obama's race could deny him landslide?” (Sept. 2 Forum):

It's his judgment, not his race,

weighing on Obama support

“If Obama were white, he would be leading by double digits”? In reality, no white candidate in his first term as U.S. senator would've gotten this far!

What is hurting Mr. Obama is his poor judgment in having associated himself with a number of questionable characters throughout his life.

Ronald Cardoza


What if Obama were white?

Hillary would be nominee

If Obama were white, he would've been no more than a footnote in this campaign, and Hillary Clinton would be the nominee.

Bernie Squeo


Being Republican – now

THAT can be handicap

Given his history, if Obama were Republican the news media would have him down by double digits.

James Adams


In response to “Here's where parents can find answers” (Sept. 3 Viewpoint):

Missing ‘leg' at CMS:

Parental involvement

Thank you, Sue Gorman, for acknowledging CMS' launching of Parent University and for pointing out that creating a successful student is like “balancing a three-legged stool.”

CMS has been focusing on strong principals and teachers, but without the third leg – parental involvement – the stool will never provide the necessary support.

As Obama stated in his convention speech, “We must… admit that programs alone can't replace parents, that government can't turn off the television and make a child do her homework, that fathers must take more responsibility for providing the love and guidance their children need.”

Ellen Martin


In response to “Board member opts to skip magnet session” (Sept. 4):

Do Gauvreau's constituents

not want representation?

So Larry Gauvreau isn't attending a school board meeting because he thinks it doesn't offer “enough substance” and would amount to “a complete waste of time.”

Those parents in the northern suburbs who want more access to magnets need to let Gauvreau know he was elected to represent their interests, even if that means going to meetings not of his liking.

Mary Gaertner


Gauvreau displays readiness

to decide before listening

I used to think Larry Gauvreau said “no” to everything after hearing both sides. I gave him more credit than he was due.

Maxine Miller