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Liberal media's attacks

build support for Palin

My level of interest in this election has increased many fold since I have been watching and reading the liberal media's never-ending assault on Gov. Palin. This approach will come back to haunt the liberal media and the Democrats this November.

Alan Bellamy


When will Palin be ready

to campaign on her own?

When is the McCain campaign going to allow Gov. Palin to campaign on her own? So far it seems she is not allowed to be out of Sen. McCain's sight while repeating the same rhetoric she used at the convention. Is this a mentoring program, or is she not capable of campaigning on her own? If she can't even campaign on her own, how will she be able to handle the second highest position in this country?

H. Eugene Doar


Focus on lipstick and pigs diverts attention from issues

John McCain is counting on the public to care about silly things like “lipstick on a pig” to carry him to the White House. Hopefully, America will realize that McCain-Palin and the Republican Party don't really care about what we think about issues that affect our everyday lives, but only about what we think about personalities.

Robin Oden


America has no history of deference for top officials

The McCain campaign has said any interviewer must treat Gov. Palin with “some level of respect and deference.”

The only other individual involved in America's government who demanded respect and deference was King George III.

Donald Latham


When McCain used ‘lipstick on a pig,' was that a smear, too?

I find it ironic and (almost) funny that a metaphor about lipstick on pigs is being used as a smoke and mirrors campaign of “righteous indignation” by the “offended” Republicans. Sen. McCain has used this same saying FOUR times in front of reporters. Why is it suddenly a smear (no pun intended) on his running mate? It's ridiculous.

Gary Favour

Trenton, S.C.

Most relevant ‘pig' idiom involves a ‘pig in a poke'

Forget “lipstick on a pig.” The real idiom we need here is “pig-in-a-poke.” It refers to a trick originating in the Middle Ages when meat was scarce but rats and cats apparently were not. The scheme involved the sale of a “suckling pig” in a bag called a “poke.” The wriggling bag that was sold unopened to the victim actually contained a cat – not regarded as a great source of meat even then.

If voters fall for this “bargain” of a VP candidate with no foreign policy experience, who is anti-choice even in cases of incest and rape, who has tried to block protections for the world's polar bear population and who favors drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, then we deserve what we get when the cat is out of the bag.

Amy Lefkof


Stop whining about McCain's age. Remember Reagan?

John McCain has attained the age of 72, surpassing his grandfather, who died at 61, and his father, who died at 70. McCain's mother is 96 years young and looks as fit as a lacrosse player. Could it be that McCain's life gene will allow him to live at least two more decades?

Liberals ought to stop whining about McCain possibly dying in office. It didn't work in 1980 and 1984, and President Reagan lived to age 93.

Lee Anthony Nieves


‘A' students often don't

prove to be best leaders

The Buzzer who disdains the C student as a president misunderstands the role of the president and the value of the C student in our culture, our economy and our politics (Buzz, Sept. 10).

Lack of cognitive ability is seldom demonstrated in the C grade. It more likely reflects lack of interest or discipline. The “C” student simply by numbers is the backbone of our nation.

Many activities of life are not dealt with in our academic programs. One, decision making, is a critical attribute for any leader. The most important attribute for serving as president is the ability to make decisions. Academic performance is not a good predictor of performance as president.

Carolyn Lawson


Women's issues matter

more than woman on ticket

Any woman who votes for McCain/Palin will be casting a vote for the polar opposite of their own interests. Both McCain and Palin want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Palin may portray herself as a loving mother, but as governor she cut funding for teen mothers and staunchly opposes family planning rights.

McCain has voted against women's health issues for 25 years. He opposed all legislation that would reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion. This earned him the lowest rating possible from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. He also voted against the children's health care bill last year. McCain opposes legislation fighting wage discrimination for women (the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act).

These issues are much more important to women than simply having a woman on the ticket.


April Sherrill

Mount Ulla

In response to “71% of King's pay not listed as overhead” (Sept. 9):

How to help United Way: resignations, full disclosure

It would behoove the United Way to disclose as much information about its financial matters as quickly and as comprehensively as possible. Each negative article surely means less donations from previous supporters, hurting those who need it the most.

The only way to gain back public support is full disclosure, as painful as it may be, and resignation of the executive board members who approved Gloria Pace King's salary in secret. Only then may this truly needed organization slowly work back the trust of the public.

David E. Verrill


In response to “Atom-smasher aims to solve big mysteries” (Sept. 8):

Doomsayers were right: Project thrust us into parallel universe

Well, all the doomsayers must have been right. The Large Hadron Collider must have torn apart the space-time continuum and opened a door to a parallel universe because instead of talking about the problems we are facing in the world, we are now fascinated with trying to put cosmetics on farm animals.

What a country!

Jack Flynn


In response to “Family support system bolsters Bristol Palin” (Sept. 10 Forum):

Can this be the conservative philosophy: Stuff happens?

Never has a political philosophy been so articulately and completely summarized: “A true conservative realizes stuff happens.”

Bad economy? Stuff happens. Ineffective leadership? Stuff happens.

Crumbling infrastructure, failing public school system, housing and mortgage crisis? You got it: stuff happens.

And we even get a lesson in sex education. Teen pregnancy? Stuff happens.

Tom Haas


Major contributor to poverty

is overlooked: not working

Nobody is addressing the true cause of income disparity in America. U.S. Census figures show only 17 percent of poor families work full time while 76 percent of rich families have two full-time workers. Cause and effect is obvious here.

Lars Lippard