Our special, all-hypocrisy edition

Offshore drilling

Obama, McCain, even N.C. candidates Bev Perdue and Liddy Dole: All were against it until they were for it.

Celebrity: Obama's

McCain camp scorns Obama's talent for gobbling publicity, drawing thousands.

Celebrity: Palin's

Obama camp scorns Palin's talent for gobbling publicity, drawing thousands.

‘Bridge to Nowhere'

Palin cheered the home-state pork in '06 , now brags about opposing it.

Family ‘off-limits'

McCain camp cries foul over Palin family criticism, ignores McCain's crude 1998 joke to GOP fund-raisers about why Chelsea Clinton, then 18, was “so ugly.”

Lipstick metaphors

McCain camp squeals “sexism” for Obama's “lipstick on pig” quip about Palin policies. Ahem – McCain said same of Hillary Clinton's policies last fall.