Feedback: Parkway story was misleading

From N.C. Sen. David Hoyle, D-Gaston:

As Mark Twain said, “If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you are misinformed.”

The Charlotte Observer's recent coverage of my company's land developments in Gaston County, as they relate to the Garden Parkway, is a classic case of misinformation. However, it is also a baseless attack on my integrity that I feel must be addressed.

So ask yourselves why the Charlotte Observer would run a poorly researched front-page story about me 1) 60 days before an election, 2) long after I publicly reported my real estate holdings, and 3) after a state Ethics Commission lawyer okayed and supported my voting on the Parkway?

I have been in real estate for years – which is my day-to-day business – both before and after my election to the Senate. My investments and properties are all fully disclosed, as they always have been. And regardless of what properties I hold, my work in the Senate is based on what is good for Gaston County.

The Parkway is a key regional transportation need for our growing region, with 40,000 cars daily projected to travel on this road by 2030. I have never asked where the road would be located nor have I been involved in its siting.

Even now, its precise route is still undetermined, and one cannot be sure when or if it will be completed.

Quite simply, I support the Parkway because the overwhelming majority of my constituents support it and will benefit from it. Because I do own land near a possible route for the Parkway, before voting on funding for the project, I consulted with attorneys to ensure that there was no conflict of interest. They told me absolutely that I should not recuse myself from voting. They also said that I had a responsibility and duty to my constituents to vote on this issue.

And I believe that all this talk about my vote is distracting us from the things we should be talking about in this election – things like:

How we're going to weather these tough economic times, how we can help bring jobs to our area and help working families and businesses make ends meet.

How we can improve our schools, reduce the dropout rate and reward teachers for doing a good job.

How we can make our communities safer from gangs and protect our kids from child predators.

How we can make healthcare more accessible and affordable to those who need it.

How we can bring down the price of gasoline.

How we deal with illegal immigration.

These are all priorities I have worked on in the Senate – because they are the priorities that are important to the folks I represent. I work every day to make our district and our state better places to call home. And in spite of all the harm that has been done to me personally as a result of the Charlotte Observer's politically biased news coverage, I will still champion the first amendment, the freedom of the press and the right to know the truth.

I have told the truth. I stand by my actions. I will continue to pursue the public good for the people of Gaston County. It is my sincere hope that this letter sets the record straight.