Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Parkway story was misleading” (Sept. 21 Feedback):

‘Reward our teachers'? I've

heard THAT line before

I started teaching in North Carolina in 1976 and continue to be amused by politicians such as Sen. David Hoyle who claim to want to “reward our teachers for a good job,” at the same time they vote against funding performance bonuses – a decision that will only speed the turnstile exit of experienced teachers.

Sen. Hoyle cites Mark Twain's comment about newspapers, but neglects to mention this one about legislators: “It's so hard to find men of a so high type of morals that they'll stay bought.”

Lou Nachman

Mount Holly

I'm not buying what

Sen. Hoyle is selling

Sen. Hoyle's claim that the Observer's Garden Parkway coverage is “a classic case of misinformation” is disingenuous at best.

He would have us believe not only that his investment group serendipitously purchased land along the preferred route of the Garden Parkway, but also that he is not trying to influence the route, regardless of cost and environmental impact.

Mark Twain also said, “We have the best government that money can buy.”

Don Sniff


‘Politically biased coverage'?

WHAT bias, Sen. Hoyle?

Sen. Hoyle accuses the Observer of “politically biased news coverage” but never explains why you might favor his Republican opponent over him.

At least now we know what Sen. Hoyle was doing instead of reading maps when he purchased land that will enrich his bank account with millions: He was enriching his mind reading Mark Twain.

James S. Walker


In response to “Now in play, N.C. gets attention” (Sept. 22):

N.C. won't become

Obama territory

I know the Observer wishes North Carolina were “in play,” but please keep your wishful thinking to the opinion page!

Chris Bovi

Indian Trail

Obama scheduled speech

to conflict with worship

Although Sen. Obama frequently speaks of his deep Christian faith, he scheduled his speech in Charlotte at a time that drew Christian audience members away from their Sunday morning worship services. Does Obama's Christianity not stress the importance of putting aside other activities to come together to worship God?

Christopher S. Edwards


In response to “Prostitution client guilty of tax fraud” (Sept. 20):

Don't rush to close (little black)

book on prostitution case

Sallie and Donald Saxon, along with their photographer, have all been found guilty and sentenced to prison. Of their some 2,100 customers, however, only three have been charged. The rest – including those who transported women across state lines for sex and those who charged their visits to “advertising” or “consulting” – seem to be getting off scot-free.

Mrs. Saxon has agreed to cooperate, so state and federal prosecutors must have access to her “little black book.” Why haven't there been more arrests?

At the current rate of prosecution, most of these “johns” will die of old age before they're brought to trial, if ever.

John P. Burke


In response to “State official steered road money near land he owned” (Sept. 21):

Transportation board isn't

place for cutting deals

Louis Sewell Jr. should be treated like an “inside trader,” removed from the N.C. transportation board and required to return to the people of North Carolina any profits he made on real estate transactions.

The buddy system in Raleigh has got to stop.

Bob Speir


In response to “Muslims rap DVD ad in Observer” (Sept. 13):

Freedom of speech hard

for Muslims to accept?

Americans are free to express ourselves with few limitations. This is a concept many Muslims seem unable to understand. How many countries under Muslim rule permit other religions?

M. M. Way