Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Owners with unpaid dues risk losing home” (Sept. 23):

If homeowners don't pay

dues, what do they expect?

Are we supposed to pity people who face foreclosure because they haven't paid their homeowners association dues? They chose to live in a neighborhood with an HOA. They chose to borrow using an adjustable rate mortgage on a more-than-modest house. Will the news media ever mention personal responsibility during this mortgage crisis?

Mary Vaca


Homeowners association

shows hard heart, bad timing

Tim Sellers, attorney for the Taylor Glen HOA, says foreclosure is “understandably an upsetting thing. But associations can't just stop providing landscaping or other amenities when people don't pay.”

But is it really right to take a home because the owners can't pay for lawn mowing?

In this economy we need to be more forgiving.

Dottie Toney


In response to “Outrage over bailout growing in Congress” (Sept. 24):

‘Outrage' mischaracterizes

tone of Senate hearings

As we drove from Connecticut to Charlotte we listened to the Senate Banking Committee hearing. We heard not “outrage” but questions, responses and a seeming desire to find solutions.

Ed and Sue Glass


Congress, bailout too important

to let White House rush you

Congress must stand firm and refuse to be bullied by the White House into committing to a faulty premise.

This bailout is too important to be rushed through without transparency and careful bipartisan consideration.

Our children will bear the crushing weight of corporate greed for generations unless strict regulations and oversight are built into this plan.

John Divine


If I'm stuck with bill, I want

my money to go to families

Instead of bailing out these mismanaged securities companies, why not just pay off the home loans of citizens in default? Homelessness solved, bad loan problem solved.

If I'm forced to pay, I'd rather my money go to U.S. families.

L. C. Coonse

Granite Falls

In response to “Democrats created our current financial crisis” (Sept. 24 Kevin Hassett column):

Dems blocked McCain's

Fannie Mae crackdown

Why does the Observer bury in the back pages of Business the real cause of the banking mess?

A 2005 bill co-sponsored by John McCain would have reined in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but it didn't become law because of party-line opposition by Democrats.

Bill Wallace


McCain, Gramm see

deregulation's results

This economic crisis was caused by deregulation of the banking system, a Republican mantra for 30 years or more.

Not only has John McCain himself been front and center in this effort, but also Phil Gramm, his economic adviser, helped write the laws governing modern banking.

Tom Hawk

Rock Hill

Where's Andrew Jackson

when we need him?

When Andrew Jackson was president (1829-1837), he reduced the federal debt from $58 million to barely $33,000. And all this after soundly thrashing the British at New Orleans.

Today the national debt exceeds $9.6 trillion dollars, and now Mr. Bush wants us to borrow an additional trillion so we can trade good, fresh cash for worthless Wall Street trash.

Tom Dillon


Bush blamers, dust off

your civics textbooks

Those who blame the president for everything that goes wrong need to take a Civics 101 class. They might be surprised to learn Congress makes the big decisions.

Bob Waas


No wonder lawmakers

are eager to get it done

Apparently a primary reason for Congress's urgency in passing the bailout legislation is its month-long vacation scheduled to begin Friday.

So much for priorities.

John Huson


In response to “State official steered road money near land he owned” (Sept. 21):

Sewell case just latest entry

in parade of corruption

Is any state government more corrupt than ours? These men and women are in Raleigh not to serve anyone but themselves. “How rich can I get?” is their motto.

If we're not outraged, we deserve what we get. I'm not voting for any incumbent.

Joel Mayo


In response to “Knights: More delays possible” (Sept. 24):

Reese litigation thwarts drive

toward uptown baseball

After many months of legal wrangling Jerry Reese has effectively blocked progress toward any form of baseball in uptown.

Although I'd love to see a major league team in Charlotte, support would be marginal.

The economic effect of an uptown stadium would be positive, but it has to be built first.

Kevin P. Burke

Indian Trail

Knights stadium delay

suits me just fine

The longer the Charlotte Knights delay their move to Charlotte, the more baseball games my family will attend. We now attend numerous games each year at Knights Castle.

Distance is no factor because we live halfway between Fort Mill and uptown. However, Charlotte likely won't offer the $3 parking, $10 premier seats and no security worries we now enjoy. Delay, delay, delay – or better yet cancel, cancel, cancel.

Richard Gibson

Wesley Chapel

In response to “A 21st-century game plan for the Charlotte region” (Sept. 21):

‘Mexicans with sixth-grade

educations' is biased label

As proud as I was to see my home state extol the virtues of sound planning, I was appalled to read the stereotypical reference to “Mexicans with sixth-grade educations who are building the city's new skyscrapers.”

In a changing global economy that looks less at ethnicity and more at potential, such ignorance will not be tolerated.

Stephen Causby


In response to “Obama scheduled speech to conflict with worship” (Sept. 23 Forum):

It's not just Obama rally

in ‘conflict with worship'

How many letters has Christopher Edwards written to Jerry Richardson about those wicked 1 p.m. Panthers games?

Hypocrisy turns people away from Christ.

A. W. Anthony


In response to “CMS review of magnets leaves uncertainty” (Sept. 24):

Merchant wrong to insult

‘elitist' Villa Heights parents

I was stunned to read board member Trent Merchant's insulting description of “elitist, NIMBY” Villa Heights Elementary parents and saddened to learn he immediately deletes e-mails from these concerned constituents. Consequently, I will be doing the same to pleas to “Re-elect Merchant.”

Susan Harden


In response to “Obama urges stimulus; McCain accuses him of ‘gaming' system” (Sept. 20):

‘Country First' should belong

to our military only

The only Americans truly qualified to say they put “Country First” are those who have served in our military.

John Marker