Observer forum: Letters to editor

A $20 cap on fill-ups would help refineries get caught up

By overreacting and continually topping off our tanks, we are preventing refineries from making up for the interruption. Long lines spilling into roadways cause dangerous situations. A $20 cap on filling station stops would assure all of us of gas and let the system replenish itself.

Where are our political leaders when we need them?

James A. Godfrey


If you stampeded to the station, you only made things worse

To all the drivers stampeding to any gas station with gasoline, I just want to say “thank you” for contributing to the supply problem and the traffic problem as well. Some of us who are running low on gas as it is have to sit in traffic and wait for lines to move, or find other, longer routes because of your panic.

Tom McKinnon


In response to “McCain's move hardly statesmanlike” (Sept. 25 editorial)

McCain acts like a leader, but Observer wouldn't know it

I see the Observer is up to its usual promotion of leftist politics. Here's a little straight talk: John McCain has exhibited leadership, a quality Barack Obama doesn't possess and the Observer is unable to recognize.

Stephen Bennett


‘Patriotic gesture' or just

a lap dog for George W. Bush?

Before you drink the Kool Aid on John McCain's “patriotic gesture” to suspend his campaign and put the economic crisis first, remember he chaired the Commerce Committee which led the push for Wall Street deregulation.

How convenient to suspend his advertising (he's short on funds) and the debates (where Obama will crush him) so he can rush to the aid of the country. This is all at the call of his president. If you ever wondered if McCain was a Bush house boy, you now have your answer.

John Close


Who's gullible? I know socialism when I see it

How gullible does the Observer think readers are? This attack on McCain makes it clear: You want Obama to bring us socialism.

You ridiculed Bush as not presidential when he didn't go to New Orleans during the hurricane crisis. Yet Obama escapes any ridicule when he doesn't go to Washington to help solve the financial crisis. He should hurry up to his real job and share his wisdom. McCain acts presidential; Obama again votes “present.”

Jack E. Harbaugh


Here's the real reason McCain wants to cancel today's debate

McCain cancelled the debate so people won't realize he is getting senile.

Walter Saville


Hanes sends jobs overseas while N.C. workers struggle

Hanes picked a fine time to put 1,300 North Carolinians out of work.

Oblivious to our country's economic woes and high unemployment rate, the Hanes group chose to send jobs overseas. Couldn't they have held off the plant closings for a few years? Did our elected officials know this was coming? If not, why not? Where are you when we need you, Sen. Dole, etc?

Maybe it's time for ordinary, tax-paying Americans to send Hanes a message. Maybe nil sales of their products will get their attention. Maybe they'll realize we can't buy socks and underwear if we're unemployed.

Joyce Morley


Most Americans don't want

to bail out Wall Street's crooks

The latest bailout is proof the so-called “two party system” is nothing more than a one-party dictatorship. Both the Republicans and the Democrats fully support the unconstitutional bailout of nearly one trillion dollars to the crooks on Wall Street. Most Americans are against the bailout. Who is representing us in Washington?

Jonathan Barth


In response to “Whatever happened to personal responsibility?” (Sept. 24 Forum):

Blame list for finance crisis needs a few more names on it

On that mighty long list of people to blame the country's financial crisis on, Jeff Walters might want to include lenders who would sell their mother for a deal and a million-dollar bonus, and their bosses who instructed them to do so. I don't know who is worse, the people on your list, or those who darn well knew better but didn't care.

And don't forget the CEOs who are walking away with the shirt off your back.

Lynda Anderson


In response to “CEO pay still a sticking point” (Sept. 24):

Golden parachutes for CEOs? They deserve ball and chain

Are we really concerned about the financial compensation of top executives who have run our country into the ground?

Rather than severance packages, should we not be debating criminal sentences?

Tim Michael