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Alert me when Obama stops talking and starts doing.

Who will bailout the American taxpayer?

If the Congress gives Treasury Secretary Paulson $700 billion without oversight and guidelines, it will have the same results as FEMA during Katrina – wasted money.

If they can bail out Wall Street, can't someone bail out Myers Park Hardware?

John McCain has proved he is totally erratic and unstable to be President of the U.S.

Been in Texas all month. Pre-Ike gas prices and no lines at the pumps. They must be hoarding the stuff.

Holy Cow!! Congress was able to work out the bailout agreement before John McCain arrived on his white horse to save the day. Nice try, Maverick.

It's not deregulation, but politicizing the home loan process that caused Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's problems.

European banks were able to identify and avoid “toxic assets”, but our banks did not. Regulation?

If North Carolina is receiving 70 percent of the gas it needs then why are 95 percent of stations out of gas?

The trickle-down crew needs our trickle-up help.