Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “City says it erred on museum cost figures” (Sept. 26):

Hall of Fame: If you did that

in business, you'd be fired

First the city staffers low-balled the initial estimate for the NASCAR Hall of Fame in order to get it approved and admitted what they had done. Now they can't explain the math they used in comparing, against other museums, the need for $32 million in additional costs.

I don't know about you, but if this had happened in my company it would have meant instant termination of each of these so-called “planners.” But do they suffer any consequences? No. That's government versus business, I guess.

Paul Garrett


Hall of Fame: In election year, Charlotte taxpayers get dissed

City staff previously admitted they consciously understated Hall of Fame cost estimates. If they have also provided our leadership with comparative data which are at best disingenuous or at worst dishonest, what are the consequences?

In this election year, are Charlotte taxpayers considered an inexhaustible supply of free money? Could we instead just offer free taxi fare to see the “real doings” at Bruton Town?

P.A. Williams


Heads should roll, and Gov. Easley's should be among them

The governor should resign over this recent gas shortage. He should have had a backup plan in place years ago. There is no excuse. While under his watch, he let his constituency struggle for what has become a necessity of modern life.

Michael Mistretta


If Ike victims in Houston can

be patient, why can't we?

I just returned from Houston and have never found more understanding and patient people. For days, residents were patient at intersections with no lights, waiting up to six hours at gas stations that needed generators to pump gas, and shopping in stores with no electricity. Neighbors helped neighbors cut down trees. Some had damaged homes and no power and still were patient and understanding.

What is wrong with Charlotte residents who break out in fights over a small, and temporary, gas shortage? I am embarrassed for our town.

Janet Anderson

Mint Hill

‘All about me' SUV-ers left truly needy folks high and dry

As we all struggle for gasoline, it is funny to see how greedy people are, with their “it's all about me” attitude. Sure, fill the Suburbans, Escalades and Navigators when you really need to. But I wondered if I would be able to take my disabled husband to his doctor's appointment. You see, I did not fill my tank when it was half full just because there was a gas station open.

Catherine Bossi


Front-page photo explained everything about gas ‘shortage'

People like the man on Page 1 of Friday's Observer – filling not only the car but five gas containers – are why we are in a gas crisis in Charlotte.

Spurred by the news media's “sky-is-falling” mentality, folks lost all rational thought and lined up at the pumps – even with a half tank or more. (It reminds you of bread and milk shortages at the mere mention of snow!)

Instead, people like me, with less than a quarter tank, are forced to stay home, conserving gas for an emergency.

If we face this situation in the future, please be rational. Turn off the news. And don't top off your tank.

Michelle Dressen


In response to “Stuck in gas line? Consider the future” (Sept. 26 editorial):

The King is dead, and so is common sense at the Observer

The editorial takes up 8-plus inches to tell us the gas shortage is our problem and we need to ride buses and trains and spend more taxpayer money to subsidize same.

The one word missing from this green, left-leaning editorial is “drill.” You have drunk so much of the environmental Kool-Aid that common sense (like Elvis) has left the building at 600 S. Tryon St.

John Blakely


To my representatives: If you vote ‘yes,' then I vote ‘no'

To my U.S. House and Senate representatives: If you vote for the bailout, I will never vote for you again. Easy, eighth-grade math: You vote yes, I vote no.

Jerry Fulmer

Wesley Chapel

‘This sucker'? President's remark insults U.S. taxpayers

The audacity of George Bush to refer to this financial crisis (the worst since the Great Depression) he and his cronies have wreaked upon Americans as “this sucker” insults the taxpayers who are being held captive and forced to pay for his mistakes in leadership.

Well, we know who the real sucker is.

Frances C. Brame


If campaign ‘suspended,' what do they do when it's active?

All of John McCain's state headquarters were open and active on Thursday. His ads continued to run in swing states. His wife, Cindy, attended fund-raisers.

It took McCain 22 hours to actually get to Washington after he said he was urgently needed there to “solve” the financial crisis. Meantime, he conducted interviews and raised money. McCain suspended nothing. This was political grandstanding and a strategic move to try to get the vice presidential debate cancelled.

Plus, as he has proven time and again, he has nothing useful to say about the economy. Just a week ago he was proclaiming that the fundamentals of our economy are strong. He has no clue.

Matthew Robertson


If he can't just vote ‘present' why go to Washington at all?

I believe B. Hussein Obama didn't want to go to Washington as Sen. McCain proposed because for once he wouldn't be able to vote “present.” Obama will have to come down on one side or the other with a yes or no. I don't think he knows how to take a position.

T. McCluskey

New London

Maybe talking with Iran's leaders isn't dumb after all

After Barack Obama was ridiculed by McCain's campaign for his willingness to sit down with the leaders of Iran, it is interesting to note that the three Republican ex-secretaries of state have backed direct talks with Iran at high levels.

John Archibald


Why mess with CMS magnet schools that are working?

As a product of magnet school education in Charlotte since the third grade, I remember too many times when the fate of my school hung in the balance, as many magnet programs do now. As a student, I didn't want to change schools; but my parents had a different argument: This school is working.

Public education will never be perfect, but when students are performing well in a program, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. CMS has worked hard to build magnet programs that work, where students are learning. Education is not about buses and budgets; it's about learning and knowledge.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Russ Ferguson


Edgy comic strip ‘Fuzzy' took

plunge over the edge last week

The comic “Get Fuzzy" is always on the edge. On Sept. 25 it went over the edge. The character, Bucky Katt, added a letter to the acronym “ACLU” to create a thinly veiled abbreviation for a common profanity that has no place in a general circulation newspaper. It certainly should not be on the comics page. The strip should be dropped.

Jim Burgin