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In response to “Democrats sue to force Dunlap's appointment” (Oct. 23):

Much needs to happen

to correct Dunlap affair

Three action items from the ongoing George Dunlap debacle:

Mecklenburg Democratic Party: Start nominating qualified candidates for vacancies.

Republican county commissioners: Follow the law and quit wasting my money on lawyers.

State legislature: Change the law that requires elected officials to ratify the replacement chosen by a political party.

Steven P. Nesbit


In response to “RNC loans Palin $150,000 wardrobe” (Oct. 23)

Palin's road trips require new clothes for different climates

I am glad the Observer relegated this article to page 8A. Putting the article on page 7E of the Style section would have made it less demonstrative of your liberal bias.

I can sympathize with the expenditure to fill Sarah Palin's clothing needs as she travels through different climates across the 50 states. I recently made a week-long trip to South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Rather than take a jacket or sweater to handle the cooler climates, I felt I needed “real” western wear to fit in and not look like a Southern hillbilly.

Hang in there, Sarah! Don't accept liberals' arguments that you are elitist or out of the mainstream of “real Americans” because of your clothes.

Bonner Mills


Dole ads take low road,

ignore independent voters

Liddy Dole's recent campaign commercials make me pine for the simple sliminess of Jesse Helms' ads. Her desperate use of obviously out-of-context quotes has forced me to look beyond the differences I have with Kay Hagan.

Dole would be wise to familiarize herself with the minds of independent voters, not just the lowest common denominator she can scare into voting for her.

Mary Ann Ericson


In response to “Kissell, Myrick for U.S. House seats,” Oct. 16 editorial:

Myrick's loyalties: To her district or to GOP caucus?

The Observer endorsed Rep. Myrick on the basis of her experience. I believe Sue Myrick is more loyal to the ultra-conservative, ideologically driven Republican House caucus than her own district. One prime example is her constant bashing of immigrants.

Anyone who lives here can see our area benefits from hard working Hispanic immigrants. They work in every sort of job – construction, lawns, restaurants, homes – and some of our region's economic success is supported by their work. I am resigned that she will probably be re-elected, but I am going to vote for Harry Taylor. At least he is his own person.

Mary Lou Cagle


In response to “Catholicism casts abortion as political deal-breaker” (Oct. 21 Forum), et al.:

In Triangle, we Catholics see the larger ‘life' picture

Charlotte, please stop this Catholic voting debate! Not once has this issue come up in the (Raleigh) News & Observer.

Contrary to the priest in a diocesan newspaper cited by Sally Ferguson, the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference does not teach moral issues on a hierarchical scale. Why can't everyone accept the church's teaching that the reverence for life embraces a larger set of values?

Rose DiMichele


In response to “Balanced view doesn't overemphasize abortion” (Oct. 22 Forum):

‘Balanced view' of priest

disregards Catholic teaching

Either you believe in the magisterial teachings of the Catholic church or you don't. If John D. Clark's priest doesn't have the fortitude to preach the church's consistently expressed perspective rather than his own, then he should be admonished by his bishop.

Fred G. Gallagher


Beyond womb, who cares

for unwanted children?

What about the child outside the womb? Unwanted, unloved, abused and neglected. Who will take care of that child?

Ann Cline


In response to “Students press candidates,” (Oct. 23)

Youths' voices deserve

the ear of candidates, too

Candidates for political offices such as governor, members of Congress and county commissioner need to care more about the opinion of the youth in the community.

At our forum Wednesday for young people, only one candidate came and stayed the whole time. Although we cannot vote, we are the future of this nation. That should be the most important thing for people looking to lead our country. Our voices count, too, and we need to be heard.

Melissa Siegel


Hey, Wells, how about a new name to honor Wachovia?

How about WFW – Wells Fargo Wachovia?

A good West Coast-East Coast “marriage,” it would reflect the fact that in spite of its serious economic circumstances, Wachovia was still a large financial institution.

Keeping Wachovia's name alive would be good P.R. here in the east, and keep a little history alive as well.

Thomas Jamison


In response to “Thalheimer, not Belk is the responsible pick,” and “For judge: Kearney, Hoover and Owens” (Oct. 20 editorials)

Pallid endorsements inspire me to vote out incumbent judges

I must say, your lackluster endorsement of most, if not all, the incumbent judges does not reflect well on the Mecklenburg County bench, least of all on Chief District Court Judge Fritz Mercer.

My research revealed Mercer has been a judge more than 15 years, and yet your paper could find nothing positive to print regarding his tenure. That speaks volumes. There was mention of lack of efficiency and references of policing from the bench, and this should be overseen and addressed by the chief judge, and apparently it has not.

Your lack of any substantial affirmation of the incumbents and contrived accusations regarding the challengers only served to reinforce the fact that the current Mecklenburg County bench needs an overhaul.

I will be voting for Belk, Best, Henderson, Roberts and Totten.

Lee H. Stepp


Er, wasn't some wealth just re-distributed in Alaska, too?

What is the difference between Gov. Sarah Palin giving money back to the people of Alaska, or Barack Obama's proposal to tax those who make over $250,000 and allowing the middle class to pay less in taxes?

If John McCain is OK with Palin redistributing the wealth, why does he criticize Obama?

Marita Lentz


Stuck in voting line? Remember those who died for your right

If you complain about having to stand in line to vote, please remember the lines of tombstones in military cemeteries – all marking the resting places of those who paid a high price so you could stand in that line.

Stephen J. Dohl


In response to “Repeat after me: Lie, lay, lain … Lay, laid, laid … Lie, lay, lain …” (Oct. 23 Forum):

Difference between lie, lay

gets needed attention

Bravo, Kenneth P. Bulard!

You really laid it on the line. It would be a lie to say those aren't the most misused words in the English language. Professional journalists should lay this issue to rest by learning and using the terms correctly. I hope I've laid a guilt trip on you all. Now, I'm so upset I need to go lie down!

Russ Simons