Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Vote for the bonds, even in tough times,” (Oct. 24 editorial):

Now's not the time for park bonds; here's a better idea

In 40 years' voting I have always picked the presidential winner, never pulled a party lever or voted for candidates based on one issue, and never voted for an incumbent more than once, except Mayor Pat McCrory. I have always voted for various bonds because I realize the need for capital improvements.

This year I am breaking my record. I will vote against the park and recreation bonds. I understand the need to have money to improve and upfit parks and to build with money already passed, but setting aside funds for more purchases is ludicrous at this time.

The city and county own thousands of parcels. Sell them, with the revenue dedicated for future land purchases. This would put them on the tax rolls, for more tax revenue. How simple is this?

Allyn Straus


In response to “Monroe says he's ‘moving forward'” (Oct. 22):

View from VCU: ‘Moving

forward' doesn't cut it

The writer is professor of psychiatry and surgery, Virginia Commonwealth University.

I wonder what university policy might be preventing Police Chief Rodney Monroe from returning his ill-gotten degree. Any person of integrity would have done so once becoming aware the degree was issued in violation of university policy.

How is Monroe's “moving forward” morally different from refusing to return a gift upon learning it was stolen property?

Mary Ellen Olbrisch


Why hold chief to standard

president need not meet?

As a holder of two college degrees, I believe the value of a degree is overrated in hiring. Many capable and outstanding business owners, managers and leaders don't hold a college degree.

We shouldn't impose a criterion on Rodney Monroe we don't require for the president of the United States. No college degree required!

Stop harassing this man and let him do what he was hired to do: Get the bad guys.

David G. Van Hellemont


No need to back Obama to see ‘spreading wealth' is OK

Conservatives with tunnel vision looking for a negative spin on everything an opponent says give the rest of us a bad name.

“Spreading the wealth” has nothing to do with socialism. If Barack Obama is willing to look at how government intrudes into our lives and support legislation to open opportunities for the average person – instead of focusing on more advantages for the already successful – then that is “spreading the wealth.”

Of course, if you like the fact that the space between rich and poor is filled by a smaller and smaller middle class, you might not want a level playing field.

I don't support Obama, but I reject the garbage coming from national and state Republican organizations.

Mark Selleck

Mineral Springs

GOP robocalls, brimming mailbox are just plain scary

Because I am an “unaffiliated” voter, I have been swamped with robocalls and flyers from Republicans. They are all full of inflammatory words and half-truths. If the real John McCain ever returns, I think he will be ashamed of the campaign his “impostor” has run. As an American, I find all that's happening these last few weeks embarrassing and scary. Nov. 4 can't come soon enough.

Hannah Bonner Fowler


Can Election Day be any

slower than early voting?

Why are Charlotte voters having to take days off work to vote early? The lines are ridiculously long – 40 minutes to two hours. Where are all the machines?

John F. Rudisill


Hayes was right: Liberals

do hate real Americans

Contrary to the consensus of the Forum, when one considers the scathing treatment of Sarah Palin and “Joe the Plumber” by our liberal news media, Rep. Robin Hayes' comment that “liberals hate real Americans” is accurate.

Democrats have a problem with hate this season. Witness Rep. John Murtha and his “redneck” and “racist” remarks. He hates real Americans, too.

Clearly, Democrats have become the “elitist” party. Over a half-billion bucks spent on buying the White House is proof enough.

J.R. Lynch


Why shouldn't voters see

candidates' grades, SATs?

For 20 years our public schools have been required to give more and more tests. These scores determine the colleges and postgraduate programs our children can enter, and ultimately even the jobs they get. Yet we don't even consider them at election time.

I'd like to see the IQs, class rank, SAT scores, undergraduate GPAs, GREs, LSATs and any other standardized test data for the four candidates running for the most important jobs in our country.

After the past eight years, let's find out which are the smartest and vote for them for a change.

Linda Harmon


Candidates strangely silent

about need to cut budget

Has either candidate said a word about cutting the cost of government, which surely must be done if the economy continues to slide? Or do they propose just printing more money and hoping we won't notice?

Arch Wakefield

Tega Cay, S.C.

In response to “Beyond womb, who cares for unwanted children?” (Oct. 24 Forum):

Who wants the unwanted children? Look around you

Ms. Cline asks who will take care of the “unwanted, unloved, abused and neglected” outside the womb.

I can tell you who: adoptive pro-life families like my own. We've adopted three beautiful children to create our family, and I can promise you, they are none of the things she listed. Adoptive families believe every child is a wanted child. There's a reason so many adoptive families are waiting, Ms. Cline. There's a shortage of adoptable children due to policies encouraged by you and your ilk.

Jamie St. Clair


In response to “The best choices for N.C. House, Senate” (Oct. 22 editorial):

Democrats in legislature

haven't delivered goods

Despite serving in a legislature their party has controlled for years, the Democratic incumbents you endorse have failed to deliver on crucial needs.

Where is funding for the additional prosecutors we so desperately need? Why are our local highways so poor, and why have we had so much difficulty getting them lighted? Why is completion of I-485 so far behind schedule?

Joanna Reynolds


In response to Lisa Zerkle's “Make nature work for you” (Oct. 22 Viewpoint):

Germans set high standard

for handling yard waste

Germans are tough on yard waste.

Two options exist: using the “green” trash can or composting. Burning is illegal, and leaving yard waste on the curb as in the U.S. results in an enormous fine.

Charlotte should impose similar restrictions to minimize waste placed in landfills. Let's keep our city green.

Nicolas Buchenau


Concealing movie title

would only increase interest

“Movie title doesn't belong in family newspaper” (Oct. 22 Forum) reminds me of public response to the release of “Grand Theft Auto IV.” Ads for the blockbuster video game were pulled from buses, billboards and TV because of outrage over its content.

Do those calling for cancelling the “Zack and Miri” ads realize they're only adding fuel to the fire they so desperately want to douse?

Chris Jirak