Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “‘Shocked' Greenspan concedes mistake” (Oct. 24):

Think any industry should be unregulated? Think again

Alan Greenspan is glib in calling the banking crisis a “once-in-a-century credit tsunami.” A Hiroshima is more to the point.

The fallacy is to think you should leave an industry unregulated. All free markets should be regulated. Wall Street has hoo-dooed the public.

W. Randall Lemly


GOP divisiveness nudged me fully into Obama's camp

I am a native North Carolinian who supports Barack Obama and Joe Biden. A month ago, I was in 99 percent disagreement with John McCain and Sarah Palin on their stands on issues.

Now their hate-mongering robocalls have nudged me into 100 percent opposition.

Perpetuating dishonest and hateful allegations against Sen. Obama that teeter somewhere between urban legend and riot-inciting propaganda is not “reaching across the aisle.”

Barack Obama is not a terrorist nor does he frolic with them. Trying to sway the masses with blind fear is not a solution to the problems this state, country and planet face.

George Henry Smathers Jr.


Ahhh, let's get comfy and await a return of the Carter years

When I think of Obama in charge, with a Democratic Congress, I get nostalgic for the Carter years. Remember the 70 percent tax rate, the 21 percent interest rate and the 18 percent inflation rate?

And who can forget Americans held hostage in Iran, under Carter's impotent leadership?

Phil Cooley


In response to “Scooping up voters … and barbecue” (Oct. 24)

Mallard Creek BBQ: No surprise to pols who show up in N.C.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole said the Mallard Creek Barbecue was “unbelievable.” If she had spent more time in the state she would understand why 20,000 people were there.

We had a Meet The Candidates Day in Hickory, but Sen. Dole didn't show. Mayor Pat McCrory was there.

John Ebert


In response to “Observer, what matters is quality, not quantity” (Oct. 21 Forum):

Observer ‘quality' should mean comics big enough to read

Yes, Walter Klein, “Newspaper quality should be gauged not by number of pages but by the weight of words.” But the words must be large enough to read.

The print in the Sunday comics is so small I had to use a magnifying glass, even though my vision is 20-20 with my glasses. I realize you are trying to conserve space, but give some thought as to how you do it.

It appears no one on your staff does the crossword puzzle or Sudoku, because their placement Sunday made working them a real hassle. How about arranging them on a page as on weekdays? Often people work these puzzles on public transportation, at lunch or on break at their desk. How about giving us a break?

Roberta Sell


Listening to Limbaugh

keeps minds narrow

Rush Limbaugh's listeners have a visceral need to hear him bash the Democrats and liberals they believe are the bane of our existence.

What they don't understand: Almost no one listens who doesn't already agree. The net effect of Limbaugh's tirades is to further close their minds and to blind them to the validity of other opinions.

Max Daves

Chesnee, S.C.

Government jobs are a place to look for recession-proof work

There have been a lot of references in the paper recently to jobs and careers that are more recession-proof, such as medical technicians, etc. No one ever mentions that the biggest recession-proof employers in our area are state, federal and local governments. During recessions the number of government jobs generally increases as private-sector jobs contract. Plus, government jobs carry great benefits and pensions.

Roy Brown