Forum Follies | Lew Powell

“In the above-mentioned Forum submission please change “dillusion disorders” to “dillusional disorders.”

“We also should remember that their was an attempted assignation of Ronald Reagan that came extremely close to seceding.”

“In my youth I was an unrequited liberal.”

“My husband & I's honeymoon …”

“We no longer refer to Kareem Abdul Jabber as Lou Al Cinder.”

“It is imperative our sheriff have unscrupulous credentials.”

“Edward R. Morrow rolls over in his grave!!!!”

“Bon A Petite!”

“Judging from Mr. Bumbera's comments, he must be white color worker.”

“Pedal your bull in China!”

“As far as Sen. Dole voting against community college students, what have the Democrats did for us?”

“If there was another paper in this town, I would drop my prescription.”

“…Palestinian militants with their oozies… ”