Observer forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Our choice; Barack Obama for president” (Oct. 26 editorial), et al.:

Observer endorsements:

At least you're predictable

The Observer could save itself a lot of newsprint and its readers a lot of time by drafting a single editorial to cover all its political endorsements. It would go like this:

Because we are a monolithically liberal newspaper, we consistently endorse liberals, with two minor exceptions.

To appear bipartisan, we endorse an occasional conservative everyone knows will win anyway, such as Sue Myrick. We also sometimes endorse a Republican for a position with minimal public policy dimensions or impact, such as state commissioner of agriculture.

Philip M. Van Hoy


McCain vs. Obama: Choice

should have been simple

Let's see, endorse the guy with a 30-year record of accomplishment and a history of bipartisanship or the guy who talks pretty and has virtually nothing to show for it.

Great choice, Observer.

Don Brenneman


Slap at Bush administration

lacking in substantiation

How exactly has the current administration shown “disregard for the plight of the poor and insufficient respect for the high ideals that made America special in the 20th Century”?

Ed Urban


Too much influence wielded

by Observer editorial board

Is it right that a handful of editors at the Observer decides how hundreds if not thousands of subscribers vote?

You “enthusiastically endorse” Obama. When my subscription expires, I will “enthusiastically” not renew it.

Delvin Adams

Kings Mountain

In response to “ ‘Hate' remark stalks Hayes” (Oct. 24):

Observer misses boat

on Hayes ‘hate' story

The Observer has seemed more interested in Joe Biden's benign NASCAR reference to McCain getting “loose” than in Robin Hayes' despicable comments – first reported in the New York Observer.

This story in your own backyard was all over TV and the Internet for days before you even acknowledged it.

Seth Horrigan


Mecklenburg Democrats,

McCrory's our guy too

Pat McCrory is being attacked by the Down East candidate for being from Mecklenburg County.

McCrory will be fair to everyone in our state, while also meeting our region's needs. Down Easters don't understand these needs and haven't learned that benefiting Charlotte will help them too.

As a Democrat, I say let's stick together, Charlotte.

Ronald Tucker


Perdue latest candidate

to choose divisive path

North Carolina has been divided since the Battle of Hillsboro, and Bev Perdue wants to keep it that way.

Jackie Hubbard


‘Happy birthday, Dabney'?

Well, not exactly….

Imagine my excitement! No fewer than 12 phone messages awaiting me at the end of the day on my birthday. How very rewarding to have so many thoughtful friends calling to wish me well!

Thanks, Michelle Obama, John McCain, Bev Perdue, Pat McCrory, Judge whatever your name is….

Dabney Vigor


In response to “Is now time for Mecklenburg to revalue?” (Oct. 27):

Commissioners, don't add

to woes of homeowners

At this time of uncertainty, especially for retirees, I can't believe county commissioners would even consider property revaluations. Many in Mecklenburg have already lost their homes. Do commissioners want to add many more names to that list?

Julie Earp


Are Democrats drooling

over chance to raise taxes?

Democratic commissioners seem eager to lock in property values in the midst of a declining market, so taxes can be raised.

Homeowners are already starting to hurt financially – don't let them be blindsided by their next property tax bill.

Callie Troutman


Police chases: Theft of car

may just begin crime spree

In many cases a stolen vehicle is just the first step. Will it be used in a robbery or a murder?

When police pursue a stolen car, it's not just the crime of car theft they're confronting.

Robert Haffner


Fox News election center

won't be needing party hats

I invite all my fellow Obama supporters to join me in celebrating the election returns by watching conservatives such as Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly writhe in agony on Fox News.

Bonnie Virch

Fort Mill