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Once it was said WBT stood for “Watch Buick Travel.” More appropriate now: “White Boy Talk.”

I don't recall Republicans being so concerned about one-party control when it was their party.

If you can't wait to elect Obama, then maybe you're too young to remember Jimmy Carter.

Who told McCain to smile all the time and to call everybody “friend”? Bad advice!

McCain can't even run his own campaign, but he can run the country?

Just listen to Rush Limbaugh explain how to manipulate McCain into becoming Bush 3.

Has the Observer ever encountered a bond referendum it didn't support?

I no longer lie to pollsters, I just refuse to participate.

I'm among “the 10 percent satisfied with Bush.” Not only has he won the Iraq war, but now he's getting us out of the economic mess created by congressional Democrats.

Fed lowers interest rates? Isn't that what got us in this fix to start with?

Why would a heterosexual man base his vote on gay marriage and abortion?

Hey, Sen. Dole – you're not in a limbo contest.