Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “New Dole ad: Godless, part 2” (Oct. 31 charlotteobserver.com):

Dole chooses low road,

kisses off religious freedom

In her second outrageous ad Liddy Dole asks, “If Godless Americans threw a party in your honor, would you go?”

The event held for Kay Hagan was not billed as a Godless Americans event, but even if it had been, so what? Whoever they are, Godless Americans enjoy the same voting rights as we Bible-totin' Puritans.

But taking the high road isn't exactly Dole's forte.

Patricia Claiborne


Even disproved, Dole ad

will persuade GOP voters

Most disturbing about the “Godless” ad is that Kay Hagan had to dignify it with a response.

However easily disproved, Dole's desperate claims will no doubt be well received by Republican voters brainwashed into never trusting the mainstream news media.

Chuck Gardner


Controversy dismissive

of right to be godless

Since when is the absence of “God” in someone's life cause for disgust?

The outrage over the “Godless” ad suggests anyone taking money from an atheist must be a demon from the dark side. When will this country accept that the way you believe may not be the only way to believe?

Luke Van Dreason

Fort Mill

Where does Hagan stand

on Godless America?

Kay Hagan owes voters an explanation of her beliefs. To what extent does she agree or disagree with Godless America?

Hal and Mary Beth Short


In response to “Hagan took money, failed to take stand for Christianity” (Oct. 31 Forum):

‘Under God' added late

to Pledge of Allegiance

“Under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance only in 1948 out of fear godless Communism was about to arrive on our shores. Many people want the pledge restored to its original 1892 version, the one our grandparents learned.

“In God We Trust” didn't appear on U.S. currency until the Civil War.

Although I believe in God, he doesn't belong in the pledge or on our money. We are a secular democracy.

Robert S. Williams


In response to “Consumer spending, economic activity fall” (Oct. 31):

Front page's negativity

turned against McCain

Your subheadline claims: “New data could spell trouble for McCain….” – as if he had anything to do with the economy.

The numbers actually were better then Wall Street had expected, and the market went up almost 200 points. But why would you mention that? No good news on your front page until after the election.

Dick Meyer


In response to “America, stop flirting with disaster” (Oct. 31 Viewpoint):

Cal Thomas sees reality

of Obama's socialism

Cal Thomas tells the truth about Obama's socialist philosophy. This is front-page stuff, but getting it on Viewpoint is a start.

Jake Bussolini


How can Obama uphold

Constitution he doubts?

Obama's 2001 interview on a Chicago public radio station makes it clear he not only advocates socialism, but also holds beliefs not compatible with the U.S. Constitution which he will be sworn to uphold.

Robert Douglas


Will Obama's redistribution

trickle down to CMS?

I'm sure Vilma Leake is looking forward to Obama redistributing the learning.

Joe Phifer


Obama succeeds with rhetoric,

numbers that go unchallenged

Obama is a master of old-style politics. He tells everyone what he thinks they want to hear and makes promises by the dozen that there's no way he can keep.

Any third-grader could see his numbers don't add up.

But few listeners bother to check, preferring instead to believe his shining rhetoric.

Donald Bryant


I hope Obama has chance

to demonstrate our unity

If Sen. Obama becomes our 44th president, I hope he wears a stylish and tasteful lavender tie when giving his victory speech.

As he says, we're neither the Red States of America or the Blue States of America, but the United States of America.

We are all purple.

Mike Daisley


In response to “Belk, Cobb respond to Observer endorsements” (Oct. 31 Feedback):

Bill Belk misrepresents

efficiency of my court

The writer is District Court judge.

My opponent's criticisms of Family Court are simply wrong.

In the most recent fiscal year our median age for pending domestic cases was 97 days – vs. 175 days in Wake County, which had 30 percent fewer cases.

Our “complex case” track ensures lengthy cases are heard without delaying more routine litigation.

Mecklenburg was a leader in mandating alternative dispute resolution for custody, alimony and equitable distribution before allowing cases to go to trial.

No lawyer can choose to put on a lengthy, expensive case without client approval. There's little a judge can or should do to change this adversarial design beyond supporting programs in place to encourage settlement.

Judge Ben S. Thalheimer


Observer's redesign lets us

get our news elsewhere

Congratulations, Observer, on your creative redesign. We can now read the paper in half the time, which gives us more time to watch Fox News.

Carole and Ron Drake


Ambition will be stifled

under Dems' government

When Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank are finished removing every incentive left to work hard to become the next Bill Gates or Bob Johnson, will we ever be able to get them back? Isn't that desire to get ahead what makes us uniquely American?

Zachary M. Moretz


Let's not let passions

defile electoral process

Although I enjoy the varying opinions expressed in the Observer, this election has brought out not just passion but hatred.

Even though the polls are close, many of us are acting as if they're 90-10 – in our favor. For every McCain supporter there's an Obama supporter. Neither choice should be shocking.

Let's stop defacing and stealing signs from our neighbor's yards, curtail the rude reactions to bumper stickers and behave as courteous citizens.

Vic Drecchio

Denver, N.C.

Calm is called for – just

let democracy work

Our democracy seems to be wobbling. Let's all take a deep breath, vote according to our core values, cast our ballots respectfully and calmly wait for the results.

Marquis K. Williams


In response to “Take a bow, Jeff Siner – you too, Steve Smith” (Oct. 29 Forum):

Observer's focus on Smith

overlooks his teammates

I agree about Jeff Siner's photo of Steve Smith. Unfortunately, the Observer consistently ignores the other Panthers. Even when Smith was suspended for punching his own teammate, you continued to run his picture almost daily.

It's time to end your fascination with Smith.

J. Gregory Carano