Observer Forum: Letters to editor

Slow-witted electorate sold

bill of goods by news media

Congratulations to the Observer for helping to elect the least qualified, most dangerous candidate ever to run for the presidency!

This election proves the majority of voters in this country are ignorant, stupid, uneducated and uninformed and will buy anything the liberal news media tell them.

Hartley Simpson


Obama stands on shoulders

of previous generations

We should say a prayer to all our loved ones and to leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., who fought so hard to bring about this historic moment.

Chip Hammonds


Life is sweet, when you

cast vote for winner

When people ask me how I voted in the big one, I just smile and say, “Rhymes with ‘We rock your mama'!"

Michael Davey


First-time voters, will this

also be your last time?

How many people voted who have never voted before and will never vote again? Too many.

Bill Lane


Pumpkin Wall does just fine

without Observer's attention

Thanks, Observer, for giving such minimal coverage to the 2008 Elizabeth Pumpkin Wall, a.k.a. the Obama Pumpkin Wall.

Your little photo from the lighting ceremony (Oct. 30, “Elizabeth lights up its pumpkin wall”) carefully avoided any mention of the political theme. As a result, vandals desecrated not a single pumpkin this year.

And unlike 2004, when you also ignored us, this year's wall didn't make the New York Times.

Kevin Strawn


In response to “Hagan unseats Dole in U.S. Senate race” (Nov. 4 charlotteobserver.com):

N.C. voters see through

sleazy tactics of Sen. Dole

Congratulations, North Carolina! You gave a big no to Elizabeth Dole's despicable tactics.

Growing up in Kansas, I was an active member of Teenage Republicans. I knew Robert Dole as a man of honor. I'm appalled he would allow his wife to stoop to such a level.

Scott Highfill

San Diego

‘Godless' ad shows scorn

for American freedoms

This country has prospered because the First Amendment allows us to think independently and to express without censure – not the case in Iran, North Korea or China.

Attacking someone for making contacts outside the mainstream is dangerous to our freedom.

Madison M. Hunter


In response to “Help for kids in a toxic world” (Oct. 28):

Science debunks claims

of ‘toxic' vaccines

MMR vaccine doesn't cause autism. The original study claiming a link has been thoroughly disproved. The lead author has been exposed as falsifying data and failing to reveal his research had been paid for a law firm suing the manufacturer of MMR.

Nor does thimerosal cause autism. If thimerosal caused autism, a huge decline in autism rates would have occurred when this preservative was removed from all routine childhood vaccines. Instead, we've had a seven-year experience of thimerosal-free vaccines and only an increase in autism rates.

Nor does aluminum cause autism. Aluminum exists in our food and water. Infants ingest far more aluminum from breastfeeding than they get from their vaccines.

Karen Garloch presents fringe views about vaccine safety as if they were credible.

In this era of increasing rates of measles and pertussis, among other vaccine-preventable diseases, the Observer should be more careful not to spread false, dangerous information.

Bryan C. Adams, M.D.


In response to “Mallard Creek loses game, appeal” (Nov. 1):

After Mallard Creek episode

CMS should go independent

The writer teaches at Mallard Creek High School.

Once again showing its unwillingness to apply regulations with reason, the NCHSAA has penalized Mallard Creek for another school's negligence.

It is time for CMS to leave the NCHSAA and to form its own Charlotte City League.

Perhaps the prospect of losing the revenue of a major metropolitan area would help the NCHSAA reconsider its intransigence.

Jonathan C. Golden


In response to “Abortion doesn't outrank adultery in hierarchy of sin” (Oct. 30 Forum):

Obama, McCain: Two kinds

of commandment-breaking

The writer is senior pastor, Uptown Church, Presbyterian Church in America.

McCain broke a commandment once and doesn't propose legislation to encourage adultery.

Obama supports legislation that will encourage the breaking of a commandment millions of times through abortion.

See the difference now?

Tom Hawkes


In response to “Kathleen Parker, GOP tent isn't big enough for you” (Nov. 4 Forum):

Mavericks wanted! Uh, no,

not you, Kathleen

Wanting to “kick out” columnist Kathleen Parker for criticizing Sarah Palin demonstrates what's wrong with the GOP today.

Although Republicans now claim to like “mavericks,” their philosophy hasn't changed: “If you're not with us 100 percent, then you're not one of us.”

Christopher Baker