Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Belk ousts judge who presided over his divorce” (Nov. 5):

District Court judges:

Voters veered off track

What a mess! With our judicial system already strained to the breaking point, an ill-informed electorate has further burdened the courts with two poor choices for District Court judges.

Bill Belk is a spoiled trust-funder whose campaign amounted to a hissy-fit. Elizabeth Trosch, a neophyte public defender, has less courtroom experience than many of the repeat offenders she represents.

Belk and Trosch should do the public and themselves a favor by resigning now and allowing the Mecklenburg County Bar to select qualified jurists to replace them.

Alan T. Williams


System flawed, but Trosch

deserves her judgeship

There's a big difference between addressing weaknesses in the current system of electing local judges and dismissing the qualifications of Elizabeth Thornton Trosch.

During the process to fill the judicial vacancy last winter, Ms. Trosch received the second most votes from the Mecklenburg County Bar – the legal community actually familiar with the candidates, the issues and the workings of our district courts.

Ms. Trosch will bring integrity, efficiency and dedication to public service to the bench.

Lisa Ellsworth


In response to “N.C. voters see through sleazy tactics of Sen. Dole” (Nov. 5 Forum):

Don't ascribe more power

to Bob Dole than he has

I agree – but the days when a husband could “allow” his wife to do anything are long gone!

Phyllis B. Copley


Dole's vote on bailout

showed failure to lead

Although the “Godless” ad certainly contributed to Elizabeth Dole's downfall, more important was her vote against the financial bailout bill.

Such an appalling lack of leadership, while representing a state heavily reliant on the financial service industry, resulted from a cynical play to keep her seat at all costs.

David Hill


In response to “Pelosi wants lame-duck session for stimulus plan” and “White House delivers massive borrowing plan” (both Nov. 6):

New fiscal austerity: Why

not get show on road?

At the same time President Bush is recommending borrowing $550 billion to pay for the September bailout, Rep. Pelosi wants another bailout to set the stage for more extensive stimulus legislation in the new Congress.

If we really want to become financially responsible, wouldn't this be a good time to start?

Rebecca Stephens


In response to “Slow-witted electorate sold bill of goods by news media” (Nov. 5 Forum):

‘Slow-witted electorate'?

How about 2000, 2004!

Hartley Simpson argues that this election “proves the majority of voters in this country are ignorant, stupid, uneducated and uninformed and will buy anything the liberal news media tell them.”

Measured against that standard, exactly how ignorant, stupid, uneducated, uninformed and influenced by Fox News was he to have voted for George W. Bush not once, but twice!

Bill Jeffers


Education was hallmark

of Obama supporters

It was educated voters who elected Obama. The rest of the world understands that and looks forward to a president who is intelligent and articulate.

Gene Kavadlo


It's time to close ranks,

America – at least until 2012

Both McCain and Obama are decent, patriotic and qualified to be president – this is why the popular vote was as close as it was.

Now it's time for the country to come together, to support the president-elect and to pray for him to succeed in these very difficult times.

The beauty of America is that if we don't like his performance, we're only four years from being able to vote for someone else.

George and Suzy Johnson


No shortage of candidates

who don't deserve office

On the same day we turned out in unprecedented numbers to elect a new president, we also voted for convicted felons, indicted corrupters, deadbeats and revenge seekers.

We as a society can and must do better.

Richard Simcoe


Electoral College avoids

concentration of power

Our forefathers got it right with the Electoral College.

Without the balance it provides, the president would be elected by the Northeast and California. And the heartbeat of America would be forgotten.

Ratified in 1913, the Seventeenth Amendment [providing for direct election of U.S. senators, rather than legislative appointment] created a house of 100 good old boys who work for themselves and form pacts with each other rather than serving the states that elected them. Unfortunately this has weakened the influence of governors on the federal government. This is no time to change what's working.

R. J. Dunn


Shouldn't this bring end

to affirmative action?

Surely if an African American can reach the nation's highest office we no longer need racial preferences in hiring and college admissions.

Alan Nesmith


In response to “Both candidates miss boat on impeachment” (Nov. 4):

Impeachment: ‘Incompetence'

isn't acceptable cause

Article II, Section 4, of the Constitution doesn't consider incompetence, whether real or imagined, as sufficient reason for impeachment – only “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Every four years we have the opportunity to manifest our opinions on the competence of those who aspire to high office. We should make that decision not biased by political affiliation, race, gender, age or any other criterion than competence and avowed intentions for the future of the country and all its citizens. We all must suffer the consequences of a bad decision based on our collective competence.

David Cox


In response to “Tuesday's big loser? Nasty campaigning” (Nov. 6 editorial):

Observer can't resist

being unfair to GOP

What a gracious winner! The Observer calls for unity of the political parties at the same time it bashes Republicans about the head with hardly a mention of Democratic transgressions! That should work!

The big losers? Readers who have counted on the news media to print the truth on both sides.

Diane E. Eaton

Indian Trail

Did Myrick reap benefits

of running clean campaign?

Isn't it interesting that the Republican who ran the cleanest campaign turns out to be the one who did best at the polls?

Sue Myrick has gained my respect, if not my support.

Gary Case


In response to “Real estate looks grim in '09” (Nov. 5):

Real estate headline paints

with too broad a brush

It's no wonder residential real estate sales are slumping.

Readers have to go beyond the headline to discover that the “grim” outlook was for commercial real estate. Not all real estate is the same.

David A. Poole