Observer forum: Letters to editor

In response to “Again, voters cool to change in Raleigh” (Nov. 9):

Without Pittenger to check him

Basnight rules Raleigh roost

Clearly, Marc Basnight, president pro-tem of the Senate, pulls the strings in Raleigh.

Too bad Robert Pittenger lost his race for lieutenant governor, as he seemed the only one with the courage to stand up to Basnight.

Now that the Democrats have retained control of the General Assembly, North Carolina will continue to suffer under abuse of power, out-of-control spending and high taxes.

Richard Worrell


In response to “New reading scores” (Nov. 10 editorial cartoon):

Observer isn't helping

improve kids' language

At the same time Kevin Siers pokes fun at CMS's spelling and reading scores, the Observer's own home page features a column called “That's Wassup.”

The English language in this country, both written and spoken, is in shambles.

It's no wonder kids have a hard time learning to read and write properly when even major news media such as the Observer dumb themselves down to common slang solely to earn “street cred” with readers.

Dave Blanton


In response to “Were some precincts unaware there was another candidate?” (Nov. 11 Forum):

What's unfair about big edge

for Obama in some precincts?

Tilford Thomas calls Obama's huge margin in some Charlotte precincts an “appointment” and not an election.

The proper term is a “landslide.”

Does Mr. Thomas advocate applying affirmative action to voting to make it more “fair”?

Nick Snyder


McCrory's chances KOed

by irresponsible voters

Straight-ticket voting was not only irresponsible, but also shameful.

Mecklenburg County and our region needed to pull together, but the opportunity has been lost.

What Charlotte has enjoyed under the leadership of Pat McCrory as mayor could have been shared statewide.

The naïve still don't realize Charlotte is the orphan of N.C. politics.

Nancy Pickard


First no Gov. McCrory,

next no Mayor McCrory

Straight-ticket voting has been around for years.

Some of us in Mecklenburg County need a change from Mayor McCrory.

We're happy he won't be governor, and we hope he won't be mayor much longer.

Ramona Norwood


In response to “I guess you CAN fool all of the people all of the time” (Nov. 8 editorial cartoon):

McCoy's Obama cartoon

out of touch with reality

What basis can Glenn McCoy have for asserting Obama has fooled anyone, when he hasn't even taken office?

Even if Obama had fooled everyone, that would be an example of fooling all of the people some of the time, not all of the people all of the time.

Such fundamental defects should disqualify a cartoon for inclusion in the Observer's opinion pages.

Steve Wise


Why shouldn't Obama take lead

in casting off racial label?

I agree with “ ‘Black leader'? No, time for that term is long past” (Nov. 11 Forum).

But why ask the news media to do what President-elect Obama can do more effectively himself?

He need only announce that he no longer wants to be referred to as a black or African American president.

Dr. King would finally see his dream realized, for Obama then could be seen for the content of his character and not the color of his skin!

Coy Powell


Position on Patriot Act

is litmus test for Obama

Unless Barack Obama advocates repeal of the Patriot Act, then his promised change will be only that typical of a new administration. What are his true beliefs about larger, more invasive government?

Lewis Guignard Jr.


In response to “Detroit made bad decisions – why shouldn't it pay price?” (Nov. 11 Forum):

Bailout for auto industry

has obvious precedent

So we shouldn't bail out the auto industry because of its “bad decisions”? Remind me – why is it we're bailing out the financial industry?

Joe Simmons


Kowtowing to labor unions

leaves automakers in fix

The auto industry created its own problems many years ago by giving in to labor union demands. Let the Big Three file for bankruptcy and reorganize the mess they have made.

Kenneth Gistedt

Clover, S.C.