Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Senators back incentives fund” (July 25):

It’s N.C. Republicans’ turn to be wrong about incentives

The recent N.C. GOP reversal on cash payoffs to attract new business is par for the course. Republicans mocked Gov. Perdue’s plan to do exactly that, but now insist that only with the right leadership team (theirs) in place can such incentives work.

The real question should be why North Carolina’s citizens are being asked again to subsidize large corporations, without providing the economic revenue justifying those giveaways.

Republicans can’t answer that question truthfully.

Michael A. Clark


In response to “Meck, other courts, crack down on no-show jurors” (July 27):

Skipping jury duty does harm to judicial system, defendants

I was totally shocked that there are jurors who are not willling to make sure that citizens who are accused of crimes or are facing civil litigation get fair trials.

Do we no longer realize that we are one of the few democratic court systems in the world where the person is innocent before proven guilty? I have served jury duty 4 times. To miss out on this process does harm to the system, expecially to those accused of breaking the law.

Pamela P. Smith


Obama focuses on fundraising, not a dangerous border

With our current administration more interested in selfies and fundraising than it is in governing, our southern border will not be secure until someone sneaks across with one of Russia’s many missing backpack nukes and annihilates a major U.S. city.

Mike Vee


In response to “Isreal, Hamas agree to a 12-hour pause” (July 26) and other articles:

Israel shouldn’t be criticized

for finally defending itself

Israel has protected its population from the thousands of rockets fired indiscriminately from Gaza by building shelters and by use of the Iron Dome.

Now, as Israel finally defends itself, and as the mounting casualties in Gaza rise, so does the pressure being put on Israel to stop its defense. Doesn’t every sovereign nation in this world have the right to defend themselves, including Israel? Or could this be anti-semitism poking it’s ugly head out once more?

Patty Gorelick


In response to “Houston school district aims to recruit North Carolina’s teachers” (July 25):

Houston, unlike Raleigh, seems to value effective teachers

The Houston Public Schools had a very successful teacher job fair in Charlotte last week. They see the same thing that school districts in other states see in North Carolina, a highly effective and motivated group of teachers and a woefully low salary scale.

Unfortunately the N.C. General Assembly continues to struggle to come up with a viable and competitive teacher compensation plan, but at the same time had no problems finding tax money to give to private schools and passing legislation that reduces transparency and accountability of tax-funded charter schools.

Teachers and public education are not their priority.

Les Linthicum


In response to “N.C. budget hole grows, tax cut study shows” (July 26):

Tax cut report shows revenue promises were contrived

The Fiscal Research Division of the General Assembly reported that the shortfall in income tax collections in the state’s general budget is expected to increase to $680 million.

Yet, Gov. Pat McCrory, House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate President Phil Berger have remained silent on the hole dug in the state’s finances by the income tax cuts to corporations and high-income wage earners.

It appears that the sales pitch of “if we cut taxes, we'll have more tax revenue” might have been a sophistical contrivance.

Donald Latham


Cost of N.C. tax cuts should wake up fiscal conservatives

For every person who claims to be a fiscal conservative, such as every tea party advocate, the legislature’s Fiscal Research Division report proves the legislature’s policies are not what they claim. This is not a savings to the state, it is an imposed COST.

Perhaps they can’t pass a budget until they see how much damage they have wrought.

Chris Cantu