Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Same-sex marriage notches win in Va.” (July 29):

If Cooper won’t uphold Amendment One, oust him

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper should be immediately removed from office for refusing to defend the Constitution of North Carolina, which he swore an oath to protect and defend.

It is not his choice which laws to uphold. Amendment One was voted on by the people of North Carolina, and whether he agrees with it or not, it is part of our Constitution.

David Moore


In response to “Region to lost HQ in Family Dollar buyout” (July 29):

Activist investor banks millions while hundreds lose jobs

It’s sad to see the humanity in the hundreds of millions one – Carl Icahn – makes in the sale of a corporation, when hundreds who work there will no longer have employment to support their families.

Is this what they mean by “corporations are people too”?

Chip Stout


In response to “Pope at heart of government he changed” (July 27):

Distressing to watch an unelected man govern N.C.

I moved to North Carolina four years ago because its forward-looking positions indicated a sense of “common good.”

North Carolina has gone from reflecting a sense of “common good” to reflecting the will and wants of one man, an un-elected one at that.

The actions and legislative initiatives of the top GOP officials are the agenda of Art Pope. The governor can’t even discuss most of “his own” budget and legislation in any detail.

Wake up North Carolina, if Art Pope is going to govern the state at least require that he be elected.

David Gilliam


To end poverty, misery Gazans should look to West Bank

Fatah, which controls the West Bank, gave up – at least on paper – their “We will destroy Israel” policy years ago, in favor of the two-state solution.

Consequently, the Palestinians on the West Bank enjoy prosperity, a modest economy, health care, stability, and a standard of living that are the envy of most Arabs elsewhere.

As long as Hamas continues to feed its people the “We will destroy Israel” dream, incapable of fulfillment, Gazans will continue to live in poverty, misery, isolation and frustration.

Cantor Elias Roochvarg


In response to For the Record “Letter to N.C. leaders: Fix 3 flaws in coal ash bill” (July 27 Opinion):

Public interest also suffers when laws passed in a rush

This open letter to Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Thom Tillis asserts that the coal ash legislation being considered in the General Assembly “inexplicably” attempts to weaken existing groundwater protection laws.

It reads like the only potential for ground water pollution comes from Duke Energy and its coal ash. Hardly.

Could it be that the real pressure to weaken existing laws comes from a market basket of industries, those for whom these sensible regulations were put in place over the years? Just what legislation inserted-on-the-way-out-of-town does to the public interest.

Tom Cox


In response to “Fair helps uninsured children” (July 27):

Glad to help immigrants, but they should learn English

At this health fair uninsured children got free physicals and free school supplies – a good thing. A mother waiting in line said she could not afford school supplies on the salary her husband earned.

I’m glad they’re getting help.

She said they had been in the U.S. a decade, but she made her comments through an interpreter. If the family has been here 10 years, why does she not know English?

If this is their country now, I think a little effort to assimilate would help the cause.

Dottie Toney


Un-American to spew hatred at children seeking safety of U.S.

All the correspondents and citizens across America who spout vitriol and hatred at refugee children seeking safety in this country should stand up and declare themselves un-American.

These desperately un-Christian attitudes are the direct opposite of America’s moral principles enshrined on the Statue of Liberty. Other Americans are ashamed of these bigots!

David Walters