Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Popular park as private rental?” (July 27):

Go ahead, rent out state park; it will help struggling town

Pilot Mountain is in desperate need of any events that would have a positive economic impact on the town.

As the Observer said, two climbs near Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in Robbinsville added $800,000 to the local economy.

Many Pilot Mountain businesses have been greatly hurt by the recent closing of the N.C. 268 bridge over U.S. 52. It’s expected to be closed until year’s end.

Why not help this community with a weekday event for six hours?

Gail Miller


In response to “Budget deal: Teachers get 7%” (July 30):

This independent voter likes results N.C. GOP is getting

As an independent voter I find it gratifying to witness legislation that rolls back runaway spending, gives teachers a much needed raise, and reins in Medicaid fraud.

A blind man has little problem seeing just how government should work, i.e. tightening purse strings and weeding out corruption – just as Republicans are doing in N.C.

If taxpayers are to sustain this state, belt tightening is our only solution and a task we must all undertake. To heck with political correctness.

Frank Harrington


Wednesday’s abundance of ‘low brow’ news disheartening

I propose that the Observer sponsor the establishment of The Low Brow Society. Its charter members could come from the July 30 Observer:

Citizens depriving children of trips to cultural venues; private-deal-making-politicians denying families the natural beauty of public parks; and to chair the new Society, the man – lowest brow – who murdered a dog over a parking space.

Sadly, the Society could grow with the publishing of each new Observer.

David Piendel


In response to “Day of devastation” (July 30) and related articles:

Bombing will continue until Palestinians renounce Hamas

Palestinians brought this horrific scenario on themselves.

Until they appoint a legitimate representative to negotiate a peaceful settlement, the insanity of war will not stop.

They must understand that to achieve peace they must stop firing rockets, stop using tunnels, and renounce the terror organization known as Hamas.

Only then will peace have a chance to come to fruition.

Herbert W. Stark


Americans must speak out against killings in Gaza

Having remained cruelly shut up in what amounts to an open-air prison, many Palestinians argue that firing rockets is the only way they can protest.

Israel’s “pinpoint” operation has killed over 1,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including more than 100 children.

Congress, under the pressure from AIPAC, the American Jewish lobby, is a silent spectator. It is time for Americans to speak out for a two-states solution and against the killing of innocent civilians and young children.

I.K. Niazi


In response to “Pope at heart of government he changed” (July 27):

You’re elected to represent

all of us, not just Art Pope

North Carolinians are smart enough to decide for themselves the direction we want our state to go.

Art Pope’s arrogance in thinking he alone has the right to decide what is best for our state should not be tolerated.

Elected officials are supposed to be public servants, but it seems many have allowed themselves to be influenced by one powerful, wealthy man. What a shame!

Marie Morrison


In response to “9th-grade athletes get clean slate from CMS” (July 23):

Hats off to CMS for wiping slate clean for 9th graders

I’ve yearned for students who struggle with a lack of family support or who’ve recently moved here to have an opportunity to feel a part of something.

A CDC Youth Risk Assessment Survey asked students “Do I matter in the community?” Over 50 percent of CMS ninth graders responded “no.”

Whatever positive activity provides a sense of community, of caring, a sense that they do “matter” is so worth it to students – and to our community.

Thank you, CMS board, for giving students at least a chance to find structure, something to do after school, a positive connection.

Marty Brownlow