Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Gay people deserve same

legal rights as straight ones

I commend N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Some conservative Christians will use the Bible to support their opposition to marriage equality. We must not forget that they used the Bible in their support of slavery and opposition to interracial marriage.

Jesus never said anything about gay marriage, gay rights, or gay anything. He did believe we should love our neighbors.

Gay people should have the same legal rights as straight people.

Chuck Mann


If Roy Cooper won’t defend gay marriage ban, he must go

If Roy Cooper refuses to do his job as an N.C. Attorney General, he should resign and let someone more capable do it.

He has sworn to uphold the Constitution. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s not doing that.

Paul J. Fitzgerald


In response to “Budget deal: Teachers get 7%” (July 30):

Ill-informed legislators destroying N.C. film industry

The current administration has been able to destroy an entire industry – film – in two years, one that took the state and past administrations 20 years to build.

Unfortunately, the state has a group of ill-informed legislators standing on a philosophical soapbox not grounded in reality when it comes to the rebates needed to attract and keep the business.

So we can now watch Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas flourish as this industry brings jobs, education and tourism to those states.

So glad we showed those rich Hollywood types.

Bert Hesse


In response to “Car group drops Pilot Mountain plan” (July 31):

Great decision; Pilot Mountain is not just another park

I was relieved to read that Pilot Mountain State Park will not host an auto race.

Pilot Mountain has been a treasured, revered feature of the N.C. landscape for millennia. Used by the Native Americans as a landmark, its unique shape makes it also a source of mystery and myth. Some Native Americans believed that if they could find the right crevice in the rocks, they could enter a paradise of fish-filled streams and rich bottom lands for planting.

Many visitors today still find it a holy place.

James McGavran


In response to “Judge orders BofA to pay $1.3 billion in ‘Hustle’ case” (July 31):

BofA fines result of flawed management, ethical lapses

Bank of America continues on its roll of paying out billions to settle lawsuits.

One of the federal courthouses should be renamed for the bank since BofA has been a regular visitor for several years, and probably more to come.

It’s a shame they’ve been allowed to stay open considering the lack of professional ethics demonstrated by extremely poor management.

Floyd Prophet


In response to “UNC program will help former athletes graduate” (July 29):

Program for former athletes nothing but a cosmetic change

UNC Chapel Hill’s “Complete Carolina” program is something most major schools already do. It will in no way help get to the bottom of the athletic and academic scandal.

It is something akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

Robert Hardin


Spend on border children? That’s a very slippery slope

Many say we should accept the children and companions on the border.

That’s noble, but while we borrow money from China to pay for this, let’s think about all the children in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Gaza, etc. who deserve a chance for a good life.

Shouldn’t we also consider them?

Then, consider that over 35 percent of Americans have debts in collection. Perhaps we should use the borrowed money to help them first.

Ed Garland


Raise pay of fast-food workers and many others will suffer

How can fast-food workers possibly think they should be paid $15 an hour?

Sure, they may be older and have families, but so do many other people in jobs paying less than that – retail, factory and some office jobs.

Fast-food prices would double, fewer could afford to eat out, and a whole new round of layoffs would begin.

Even a $10 minimum wage would create shock waves.

Stephen Cummings