Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Plan aims to disperse homeless” (Aug. 1):

Even if temporary, bench removal adversely affects seniors like me

As a senior, I try to get uptown once a week to walk. I really need the benches.

I sit on them outside the Blumenthal before a concert or musical. I use them when at Knight Theater to watch the ballet. I eat my lunch on a bench outside Bank of America.

Is Charlotte not wanting to see grandparents uptown? Or parents with young children? Really a bad idea Charlotte.

Charles E. Pike


In response to “UNC considers financial aid cap” (Aug. 1):

Middle class families bear brunt of tuition increases; cap would help

The writer is an independent college counselor.

The move by the UNC board to cap tuition is an attempt to help middle-class families.

These families are left holding the bag – making too much money to qualify for grants but not enough to pay for college without loans.

Wealthy families are able to pay for college, and low-income students qualify for grants.

I think it is an important step to acknowledge the unfair burden on middle-class families.

Ellen Martin


In response to “Courts crack down on no-show jurors” (July 26):

Some of those no-show jurors might just face same situation that I do

I wonder how many of those no-show jurors are in my situation?

Last week I received a jury summons from the U. S. District Court Western North Carolina Division. It was sent to a name I have not had in 15 years at an address I have not lived at for 13 years.

If the people who now live in the house did not know me, I would never have gotten it. I have been a legal resident of South Carolina for five years.

Maybe the courts need to update their files?

Mattie Jain

Pendleton, S.C.

In response to “Raise pay of fast-food workers and many others will suffer” (Aug. 1 Forum):

Paying a living wage would indeed cause shock waves, positive ones

Forum writer Stephen Cummings worries that any wage hike for fast-food workers would result in “shock waves” for our economy.

I agree! But the shock waves I see are more hard-working people having enough money to pay rent, buy groceries, pay medical bills, and afford school supplies.

The local economy could benefit enormously from workers being paid a living wage and not dependent on our subsidized social safety net.

Linda Linfors


In response to “As daughter visits South, mother reflects on changes, gaps in race” (Aug. 1 Viewpoint):

All of Obama’s flaws get overlooked amid accusations of racism

It is almost unfathomable that someone can say “no one can honestly articulate why,” – other than racism – there is strong animosity towards President Obama.

Countless scandals, hugely controversial foreign and domestic policies, abuse of the Constitution, and personal shortcomings ranging from narcissism to extravagant golf and family vacations can somehow be overlooked when everything is seen in the light of race.

Phil Clutts


In response to “Should N.C. subsidize solar industry? (July 31 Viewpoint):

Side-track fossil fuel train and jump on board renewable energy one

Here we are getting awful effects of our continued use of fossil fuels – extended droughts, violent weather, forest fires, sea-level rise, and now methane exploding out of the permafrost.

PhD scientists are scared to death of what the methane explosions portend, but not Art Pope and his Civitas Institute. Civitas will support dirty fossil fuel energy even in the face of undeniable global warming.

We should be jumping on the renewable energy train because it is one of the few options we have to get us out of the climate mess we are in.

Allen Hubbard


Tired of GOP immigration lies, their refusal to take up compromise bill

The immigration system was broken under George W. Bush – he achieved nothing. The bipartisan bill he signed in 2008 brought us the current crisis.

Speaker John Boehner has refused to take up the GOP’s Senate compromise bill. Meanwhile, President Obama has deported more illegal immigrants and spent more on enforcement.

I’m leery of a GOP that reaches shallow political conclusions unsupported by fact. Oft repeated lies do not become truths!

Chip Potts