Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “N.C. digs deep on teacher pay” (Aug. 1):

GOP budget a sham; it relies on lottery, dips into reserves

I thought the GOP promised North Carolinians a well-balanced budget.

Instead, they’ve cobbled together tax receipts failing to meet projections, one-time funding, federal grants – oh the irony and hypocrisy, thou deniers of federally-funded Medicaid expansion – and an increased reliance on lottery proceeds.

This is their balanced budget. And they can’t even pass a bill to rein in puppy mills.

My fellow North Carolinians threw out the Democrats for this?

Davis Thompson


In response to “Should N.C. subsidize solar industry? (July 31 Viewpoint):

N.C. needs to pull in the reins on solar energy subsidies

Solar energy has a place in the industry, but it does not deserve to be subsidized by taxpayers to the extent it is today in North Carolina.

Solar energy subsidies need to be reconsidered by N.C. lawmakers. We need to know what the results have been so far and where the present path leads.

Jack E. Walters


In response to “House approves suing Obama” (July 31):

Lawsuit against the president waste of taxpayer time, money

So Republicans in Congress have finally passed some legislation – not to address immigration issues, climate change, tax reform, or anything that actually helps “we the people.”

Instead, Rep. Robert Pittenger and his colleagues have decided to sue the president – wasting our time and tax dollars.

This Congress goes beyond a “do-nothing” Congress. They’re more of a “waste-of-space” Congress. Throw the bums out!

Chris Porier


In response to “Use Medicare as the model to provide health care for all” (July 30 Viewpoint):

Medicare a cheaper, more efficient model? Say what!

If Jessica Schorr Saxe had her way she would eliminate the wasteful middleman, insurance companies. The already-bankrupt federal government would be responsible for paying doctors and hospitals.

If Uncle Sam had full control we’d see doctors fleeing their practices in droves.

Dr. Saxe also failed to mention that the “quick paying” government decides how much they’ll pay and doctors have no recourse.

Dickie Benzie


Struggling schools need top teachers; make it a priority

As a CEO and N.C. manufacturer who needs skilled workers, I read “CMS Beacon plan will target 14 low-performing schools for change” (July 27) with the hope that we can bring many more top teachers into these classrooms.

Research from the Measures of Effective Teaching project showed that having a top quality teacher has a stronger impact on academic achievement than any other school-related factor, including class size, curriculum or even the school one attends.

Struggling schools must place a premium on attracting and supporting high quality teachers. I urge N.C. and federal policymakers to create strong incentives to help teachers develop to the best of their abilities.

This will ultimately prepare more students for higher education and the skilled workforce that will move our economy forward.

Clifton B. Vann IV


In response to “As daughter visits South, mother reflects on changes, gaps in race” (Aug. 1 Viewpoint):

Today’s racism reveals itself in disrespect for the president

I tip my hat to Diana Wagman. Her Viewpoint piece about her daughter visiting the South was right on point.

Our first black president is enduring disrespect and malicious comments that no other president has had to deal with.

Bigotry is not dead, only political incorrect.

John Lowery


In response to “Arizona case renews execution debate” (July 27) and related articles:

Move faster on executions; respect court’s decision

There are presently hundreds of condemned killers in our prisons, some for 10 years or more. The annual cost for their maintenance is over $50,000 per year, each.

Let us respect the decisions of our democratic judicial system. If a vicious killer is sentenced to death, it should be carried out in a timely manner.

I fully realize this will create a massive unemployment problem in the ranks of the liberal, bleeding-heart attorneys. So be it!

Dick Napier