Voters beware this fall

From an editorial in the (Greensboro) News & Record last Tuesday:

A TV ad in Tennessee targets three justices on the state’s highest court. A narrator says: “28 states fought against Obamacare. But Tennessee went along with Obama. Why? Liberals control our state Supreme Court.”

The Tennessee Supreme Court has nothing to do with Obamacare, but any lie will do in politics these days.

Catharine Arrowood, president of the N.C. Bar Association, has sounded an alarm about ads like these, paid for by increasing amounts of special-interest money. “This situation causes the public to lose confidence in the integrity of the judiciary and slanders the reputation of lawyers. Like Bill Murray in ‘Ghostbusters,’ we are being slimed,” she said at the association’s annual meeting in June.

Arrowood, a Raleigh attorney, pledges to lead stronger efforts to dispel misinformation broadcast during campaigns. This is a much-needed initiative. Lawyers have a professional interest in maintaining honest courts and opposing efforts to manipulate justice for political reasons.

Candidates can help by rejecting the “assistance” of these independent political action committees, such as Justice for All NC.