Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Struggling schools need top teachers; make it a priority” (Aug. 3 Forum):

Top teachers would be great, but can we keep them here?

Mr. Vann’s plea for policymakers to create strong incentives to develop top quality teachers does not mention that lawmakers took away the incentive for N.C. teachers to earn a Masters Degree. In fact, there is little incentive for experienced teachers to stay at all due to the pitiful pay package offered to them in their later years.

I guess we can just hope that new college graduates are excellent teachers and, by the time they leave in disgust, another crop of excellent teachers takes their place. Sound like a sustainable plan?

Linda J. Brooks


In response to “Let’s get moving on I-77 toll lanes” (Aug. 2 For the Record):

No surprise that those with larger incomes can afford tolls

Mr. Merrifield’s comment on the need to expedite the I-77 tolls to address the congestion is an example of those with larger incomes saying toll lanes are OK and will help them get home faster. He will be in the small minority of commuters who will routinely be able to make such a statement.

Put drivers’ gas taxes back into I-77 and give the I-77 commuters what they have been paying for others to have – roads that allow everyone to get home in a timely manner!

Vince Winegardner


How to make sure toll lanes actually reduce I-77 congestion

The purpose of adding toll lanes to I-77 is to reduce congestion. Therefore, the contract should be structured in a way that ensures that once built, the lanes will actually accomplish that.

For example, the contract could require that whenever the toll lane usage during rush hour is less than 25 percent of the per lane average for the free lanes, the toll must be reduced by 10 percent each month until that target is achieved, without any additional taxpayer subsidy.

Steve Wise


In response to “Gay people deserve same legal rights as straight ones” (Aug. 1 Forum):

Just because Jesus quiet on gays doesn’t mean he approved

The letter writer said “Jesus never said anything about gays.” Jesus also did not address scores of other things in our current society, but it is left-handed logic to reason that anything He did not mention is OK!

Barry Blackwood

Indian Trail

If attorney general refuses to do his job, he should be fired

If Roy Cooper will not do his duty to protect the marriage amendment that a majority of people voted for, why should voters believe he would carry out the wishes of the people of North Carolina should he ever run for governor?

He is as arrogant as Obama.

Refusing to do your job should get you fired!

Jim Sowell


In response to “UNC program will help former athletes graduate” (July 29):

UNC should treat former athletes the same as students

If a UNC Chapel Hill student loses an academic scholarship because his/her GPA dropped, they do not expect N.C. taxpayers and the other UNC students to pay their tuition and fees for them.

UNC athletes should be no different. Athletes should pay their own tuition and fees.

UNC enrollment is capped. For every returning athlete, a real student is denied admission. To quote a former poster, “College sports, the biggest taxpayer and student rip-off around.”

Marcus Henry


In response to “Car group drops Pilot Mountain plan” (July 31):

Why did a vintage car rally create so much controversy?

I don’t understand why there was so much controversy about allowing a vintage car rally to use the roads in a state park for a few hours. This sounds like a very innocuous event.

Surely there’s real news somewhere in the Carolinas? Somewhere someone must have been bitten – or at least barked at – by a dog?

Gautam Bose


A brief list of some moments that don’t show our best side

Not our finest moments: turning away ship load of Jews (1939), locking up Japanese Americans (1942), shouting obscenities at South American refugee children (2014).

E. T. Shafer

Seven Devils, N.C.